Why You Don’t Need A Divorce Attorney

Why You Don't Need A Divorce Attorney

Divorce case can be ugly and settling them may feel like a war but there are also some cases that seem to settle themselves, pretty cleanly. The difference between these two types of divorce cases are the people, obviously. The parties involved in the divorce case can make it ugly or easy depending on their temperaments but there is also another factor that plays an important role and that is, the attorneys. Following are some ways which tells you that if you keep things simple, you may not need a divorce lawyer at all. You can save a fortune by not hiring a divorce attorney.

Negotiate between yourselves

If you and your spouse are still on civil terms and can carry out a conversation without ripping each others hair out, then you do not need a lawyer. If the divorce is through mutual decision and there are not many issues that are needed to be dealt with, then you can avoid the court completely. You can save a lot if you decide to settle things out of the court through negotiations. The bigger issues in most divorces are the custody of children and financial matters, it is favorable for both parties if they can come to terms with each other regarding child custody and finance. You can then, ask the court to grant a divorce in writing. But if youcan’t do this, then you should know when to contact a divorce attorney.

Lawyers fan the Flames of Tensions

Yes, it is true. Due to the very nature of their profession, lawyers often, and sometimes unintentionally become the cause of heated arguments between both parties. You might have thought that by hiring a lawyer you can avoid the quarrels you are likely to face during your divorce proceedings butyou may not be able to get the solution you were looking for as attorneys are paid to be zealous and often, over-zealous advocates of their clients. In case, you are hiring a lawyer, make sure you find the right lawyer for your cause. You need to thoroughly convey your priorities to them, be it children or property during your divorce. Tell them exactly what you need them to do.


If you and your partner have resolved most of the bigger issues among yourself, then you can handle the less important issues through a mediator. Mediators are also professional but the don’t represent any of their clients as opposed to couple hiring only one lawyer. If the couple decides to hire one lawyer, then the lawyer will be representing both of them at the same time. This is practicable only if the couple has already settled their issues and simply want the attorney to draw up the necessary paperwork. A mediator also works in the same way, the mediator merely helps resolve the smaller issues the couple is having and then forwards them to the court.This method is becoming popular in many countries as it is much less trouble and especially the children involved in the divorce are not traumatized by their parents confrontation.