Why You Should Carefully Scrutinize Your AC Repair Invoice

Why You Should Carefully Scrutinize Your AC Repair Invoice

Getting an air conditioner repair company that you can trust can be quite a challenge these days; most of the time homeowners are not sure they are getting value for their money. You can become more informed and stop worrying whether what you are paying is a fair amount or someone is actually taking advantage of you; the following tips can save you from the wiles of some unscrupulous AC service providers:

Have a good maintenance record: Whenever an AC repair technician suggests that you need to change a certain part, check your records before giving consent. This will help you remember how old the part is. However, if there is a genuine reason why the change must be done so soon after the last service, ask them to clearly explain that cause of the problem.

Upcharges: There are AC installation companies that will charge you some extra fees for the emergency call which is fairly normal. However, you need to make sure that you don’t pay twice; there should be only one emergency service charge. Take care also to avoid being charged for an evening or weekend differential.

Illegal fees: If you are paying using your credit card you don’t have to pay any processing fees; there companies that thrive on this with some of them charging up to $10. This is an illegal charge and you shouldn’t allow it to happen to you.

Be aware of minimums: While minimum charges are a standard in service charges for different industries, being asked to pay multiple hour minimums for a routine check will eventually cost you more than you really should be paying. Always ask prior to signing a contract about the company’s service call charges and what if any minimums they have in place. You don’t want to get surprised when they are at your doorstep.

Truck charges: For some homeowners who live in places where finding parking space isn’t so easy, there are AC repair service companies that will charge a truck parking charge if they don’t secure some space to park their truck near your residence. This is an upcharge for the inconvenience the go through as well as added time; however, this doesn’t sound like a good way to attract a repeat customer.

Detailed, written estimates: If you want to stay safe from any unscrupulous AC installation service companies, it is always advisable that you receive a well written detailed estimate before they commence work. Any disagreement that happens in the absence of a written document becomes your word against theirs. You will want to complain about some hidden fees and they will claim that they told you everything. A written estimate gives everyone a clear understanding of all the charges related to labor, parts and any other fees; such a document will also help you make a comparison with other service providers.