Why You Should Consider Hiring Quirk Law Firm in Ventura, CA

Quirk Law Firm in Ventura, has carved a niche for itself in the area of personal injury claims. It is a full-service, personal injury law firm that assists clients in the area of making and arguing cases of victims who have suffered some sort of personal injury with a view to helping them get some respite and recompense in the form of recovery of damages from the parties at fault.

In addition to the office in Ventura, California, Quirk Law Firm also has boasts an outlet in Las Vegas, Nevada. With a roster that features attorneys with over 30 years of legal experience between them, Quirk Law Firm in Ventura, is equipped with the requisite personnel who possess the potential to bring about the best results for clients with legitimate claims.

At Quirk Law Firm in Ventura, giving in to insurance companies and corporations is not an option as the firm is determined to get the best out of these situations. Even though most of the cases at the law firm settle, litigations on personal injury claims are not treated lightly as the firm is ready to go all out if need be. Quirk Law Firm in Ventura is also known to be the go-to guy for other law firms and attorneys on account of their track-record of success when it comes to litigations. The law firm’s attorney have a reputation for getting results and a pedigree for settling on the best deals possible.

Finding the ideal personal injury attorney in Ventura is very important, and Cimarron Ridge Legal Group, offers a good choice. The law firm has the capacity and resources to handle personal injury claims bordering on medical malpractice, product liability, workplace accidents, and even class actions. Some of its more recent successes include; a USD 2 Mn Wrongful Death Verdict in Oxnard, CA, a USD 8 Mn Settlement in Clark County in an Assisted in Construction Defect case, a USD 1.6 Mn settlement in a Disputed Liability Slip and Fall Case in Riverside County, a USD 900 K judgement in a Fraud, Breach of Contract Case in Los Angeles County, and a USD 613 K verdict in an Auto Accident Case in Merced County, amongst others high-profile wins.

These results are testament to the ability of Quirk Law Firm in Ventura, to deliver. And this is evident in the testimonies served up by past clients who have been on the receiving end of the law firm’s services. Quirk Law Firm in Ventura, is run by Attorney Trevor Quirk, who is regarded in some quarters as one of the finest in this area of litigation – he was nominated as the Ventura County Trial Lawyer of the Year in 2015.

Quirk Law Firm in Ventura, gives personal attention to clients who are intimated on the underlying mechanisms governing personal injury cases. Updates are offered on every step of the process, and the best interests of the client are considered in every decision reached.