Why You Should Consider Serviced Apartments For Your Next Holiday

When you are going on holiday, whether it is a romantic trip with your significant other or a family getaway, do you automatically think of hotel rooms when it comes to accommodation? Booking a hotel room is the standard practice, but there are other alternatives which might suit your holiday better.

Have you ever thought of booking serviced apartments instead of hotels for your next getaway? This alternative form of accommodation offers a lot of advantages and just might suit your needs better than a hotel room ever did.

What advantages do serviced apartments have over hotels?

Cheaper than a Hotel
Not only will a serviced apartment save you money on eating out in restaurants, but the rates are usually cheaper than the hotels in the area. How can an entire apartment be cheaper than a hotel room? First of all, the apartment will not provide a daily maid service and launder your towels every day, a savings which is reflected in the price. Most serviced apartments will also not have a restaurant, a breakfast buffet or a large number of staff such as reception staff or security. This all cuts down on costs, which can be passed along to you in the form of a cheaper rate.

Although serviced apartments have much fewer staff than hotels, there is always somewhere there to help you when you need it.

Longer Stay, Better Rates
Most serviced apartments will allow you to negotiate a cheaper rate for a longer stay, which will save you a lot of money if your holiday will last for a week or more. Often a two week or longer stay in a serviced apartment will work out cheaper per night than a hotel room.

The savings will be even more if you decide to holiday during the off season, when rates will be cheaper. To get the best deal, contact the serviced apartment agency or owner and let them know that you want to rent the property for a week or more and ask them what sort of discount they can offer you for a long stay.

Self-Catering Convenience
One of the best things about staying in serviced apartments is that they have kitchen facilities which allow you to cook your own meals. Although you will likely want to eat out during your holiday, it can get expensive to have to eat three meals per day in a restaurant. With your own kitchen in your holiday rental, you will be able to cook yourself breakfast and lunch and even dinner if you desire, so that you don’t have to have every meal in a restaurant. This can be nice in the morning, when you want to be able to make yourself breakfast without having to change out of your pyjamas.

This will save you a considerable amount of money, as you can go shopping in the local markets and get some great food very cheaply. It also makes eating more convenient, especially when traveling with children.

Privacy and Togetherness
Renting serviced apartments is great when traveling with children, as the kids will still be together with you in the accommodation but they will have more of their own space. You can spend time together in the common areas but have your own bedrooms to retreat to when you need your quiet time as well. You will simply have enough room to relax comfortably and enjoy your holiday together.

It also works well for two couples traveling together who want to be social and yet also want to spend time with each other. It is difficult to get this sort of personal space in a hotel room, even if it is two rooms joined together.

These are just a few of the advantages that staying in serviced apartments can offer over a hotel room. Perhaps this type of accommodation might be the best bet for your next getaway?

Staying in serviced apartments offers some distinct advantages over a hotel room. Here are some reasons to consider this type of accommodation.