Why You Should Start Using Virtual Personal Assistants

Virtual Personal Assistants are on the Rise
A lot of companies are starting to realize that Virtual Personal Assistants are aglobal phenomenon. This means that employers have access to a wide variety of different features and abilities in their virtual workforce such as language, time zone and culture. Not only do Virtual Personal Assistants possess flexible schedules, there are also huge savings for the employers, since they don’t have to pay a full time employee anymore.

Hourly Rate
Some companies can’t afford the luxury to hire full time employees, and pay them for their lunch hours, vacations, etc, so hiring a VPA becomes a great way to save some extra cash. You can hire most VPAs per hour, per week, per period, or project, so you can ensure that you will be paying them only for the job they will be doing. Virtual Personal Assistants require no office space, so there’s no need to rent or buy big properties for the new employees, which ends up saving a lot of money to the hiring company.

Renting the Space
Nowadays, many companies opt to rent only the space required to arrange meetings for a determined period of time. This adds up each month, positively impacting your budget. It’s also important to mention that VPAs are owners of their own equipment and there is never the need to pay for additional software as you typically would for a normal employee. Of course one has to keep in mind that they will need to have a period of acquaintance with you and your company, so it’s important to get to know your VPA thoroughly in this phase.

Uses of Hiring Virtual Assistant
Technology has also eased up the once weary interview process. With videoconference programs, people can have a virtual interview between hirer and employee. This option will also enable redirecting the call to a Virtual employee, without any additional cost to the company. In many cases this “virtual reception” is cheaper than many of their physical counterpart.

Customer Satisfaction
This adds up to customer satisfactions in the long run.These are just some of the aspects as to why a business should at least consider hiring Virtual Personal Assistants. These are usually hired for a single project, or for multiple projects,  as a temporary necessity or specialty, or as a full time member of their working force.

Bella Rogers a Virtual Assistant by profession says that “by hiring a Virtual personal Assistant one could bring down the expenses through hiring a full time employee.” To know more about her log on to her website: www.VirtualPersonalAssistants.org