Why Your Brand Matters

Most importantly, a brand reflects a promise. If you think of some leading brands such as Coca Cola, MacDonald’s, MetLife, and Ford, you instantly know what promise the brands have made to you and what you are going to receive for your money.
A brand can be defined as the combination of things like name of the business, the logo, messages, color, etc.  It is the impression what comes in the mind of the customers when they hear the name or see it. It is very difficult to build a brand image and it is even more difficult to maintain it. It takes time and effort and is expensive as well. Your business depends upon your brand. So a brand does matter. If you manage your brand in an appropriate style, you can achieve tremendous success.

Why you should build up your brand

A brand is easily recognized by the customers. It speaks volume with just a few words or syllable. It makes the products easy to be identified. Customers remember the brand rather than the description because what they see remains in their mind. A good brand is often associated with good quality. It also helps in gaining the customer’s trust.  The customer’s decide what to buy according to the brand image in their minds.  In many cases, brand loyalty is created and customers are likely to buy only products of specific brand. Brand adds value to the products. It helps to differentiate your product easily from others.  It defines the position of the business in the market. If you have a good brand image, it is also easy to get support from the angel investors.

How to define your brand

First of all, you have to build a model of your brand. It must communicate your products and business. Remember that the brand should also be reflecting the business goals and values. You can collect ideas from existing as well as potential customers because they can give you some valuable information and insights. Don’t forget to include the information you want to communicate through your brand. While defining your brand, keep in mind that you cannot change it so easily. You will be using it almost everywhere in the business. Your brand is the component that is going to decide the future of your business. Advertising plays an important role in creating brand image. Always be sure that your advertising does not give out any negative feelings or impressions or make exaggeration.
If you want to succeed, your brand must be different even though the products are almost the same. Your brand should communicate promise, look, attributes, services and even a personality so that when you yourself see it, you have a smile on your face.
Daniel Ward is a brand strategy consultant writing on behalf of Vionet Graphics, Inc.