Why Your Dog Needs To Have An Engraved Dog Tag

It can be devastating to be separated from your dog and not know if they are ok. There are things you can do to protect them, however, and keep them from certain dangers. Always try to keep your dog in safe proximity so you can watch them and prevent them from running off. If they do run off, having dog tags is essential for them to be reunited with you. Here are 6 reasons why your dog needs to have an engraved dog tag.

It’s The Law

In certain areas, it’s a law that your dog has the proper identification tags. You must have at least your name and full address on the tag. It’s helpful to have your phone number engraved on the tag also in case your dog is lost whoever finds your dog can give you a call. If your dog is caught without a tag, you could have an extremely high fine to pay.

Your Dog Wanders Off

Some owners don’t contain their dog in their yards on a leash. Many dogs try to stay close to home but there are the occasional curious dogs that like to wander or chase other animals. Once they get too far from home, they may not know how to get back. Having a dog tag can help whoever finds your pet to get them back home quickly.

You Are Traveling and Get Separated

If you are traveling via train, boat, or air, it’s not hard to get separated from your pet. Although their cage may be tagged, anything could happen where the tag is removed. In cases like this, having an engraved dog tag keeps your pet easily identifiable.

You Place Your Pet in a Doggie Hotel

If you go away for a while and are unable to take your pet with you, placing them in a comfortable environment such as a doggie hotel may be the best option. However, anything can happen where your pet may get confused with another look alike dog while out of the cage. Paperwork can easily get mixed up. Having an engraved dog tag makes it easy for doggie hotel personnel to know who the dog’s owner is. They can easily check their engraved dog tag to ensure they are giving your dog to its rightful owner.

Emergency Situations

There are all sorts of devastating incidents that can occur where you and your pet are separated. If your home catches fire and your pet has access to escape the home, they could continue running from fear. They may not return until hours after you have left. There are also natural disasters that may affect an area and keep you and your pet separated for days. Having an engraved dog tag can successfully reunite you and your pet.

Health Reasons

Pets have health issues just as people do. A dog tag can be engraved on both sides. One can list your contact information and the other can list medical instructions for your pet. If your dog is diabetic or has cancer, there are medications they must have. If a person can’t get in contact with you immediately, they will at least know to get your pet to the veterinarian. Having their illness and medications listed can save your pets life if you are separated.

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