Why Your Smartphone is Like the Apollo 13

Why Your Smartphone is Like the Apollo 13If you know your NASA history, you are probably aware of the 1970 mission to land on the moon commanded by James Lovell. Sadly, they never made it. The Apollo 13 lost power. As a result its navigation system was crippled, the cabin lost heat, and the water supplies dwindled. But scientists brainstormed and came up with a solution to provide a little extra power to get the shuttle and its crew back home.

Your smartphone isn’t too different from this lunar craft and the problems it faced. Androids have a powerful operating system and they support battery-draining apps. Unless you are able to charge your device consistently throughout the day, you can expect a power failure that will leave you floating in dead space.

However, Snapdragon has found a life-saving solution. The best Android battery app on the market happens to have been made by the same company that provides your smartphone with its processor. Continue reading to discover why this app can maintain your phone’s heartbeat far better than any other option and keep it from meeting a cyber space death.

The app with a geek’s brain

We all know it takes a real brain to work for NASA. It also takes exemplary cognitive abilities for an app to change the way a phone is powered. This app is currently in Beta form and can be downloaded from the Google Play store. BatteryGuru installs a thinking brain that learns how you use your smartphone. In other words, it knows when you wake up in the morning and get on Twitter, when you do most of your Facebook activities, and when you engage in e-mailing. It then optimizes your device without making any changes or disabling the phone’s functionality.

The best part is that it requires no configuration or involvement from the user. This app is entirely self-sufficient. Within a week the Snapdragon BatteryGuru will send the user an alert letting them know it has learned their smartphone user-routine. It will signal when it is ready to launch an internal campaign to extended battery life.

You have zero involvement

Prior to the development of this battery life saving app, tips have floated around the Internet advising Android users on how to save battery life. The general consensus is that people set reminders to deactivate unused apps and disable wifi when the phone won’t be used for a few hours at a time. But who has time for this? These critics would be singing a different tune had this app been developed prior to their directional advice. The BatteryGury asks nothing in return. It studies your activities, and uses that data to temporarily suspend features when the phone is not currently using. All you have to do is sit back and trust in the app. It is that easy.

Power your phone

You invested a great deal of money in purchasing the latest and greatest smartphone. But what good is it if it can’t even survive a day? By downloading the BatteryGuru you will see a significant boost of battery life in your device—one that will see you through the workday until you are home safe and sound for a nighttime charge.

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