Will Dental Implants Replace Dentures?

It doesn’t matter where you look in the media these days; everyone seems to have that Hollywood smile, the one that used to solely be the preserve of superstars and major celebrities. Nowadays though, it seems that everyone considers themselves to be celebrities and that they too deserve pearly white teeth.
Of course, back in the real world, most of us have teeth that are not as healthy as we would like them to be and most of us will at some point in our life, whether through accident or decay, lose a tooth or two. Whatever the rest of our teeth look like, a gap in them is going to spoil our overall looks however much care we take about the rest of our facial features. To fix this, there are two main solutions.

The first solution, which has been used for a very long time, is the partial denture. The use of this has been fairly successful, especially since modern technology allowed dentists to obtain a closer match both in style and colour, to a person’s natural teeth. However, dentures are not without their problems. As anyone who has worn one will testify, dentures do have a habit of coming loose and either wobbling about or worse still, falling out, just at the wrong moment. Imagine if you had just met your prospective partner when that happened .. horrific!! They also need to be removed for cleaning and less known to many, wearing a denture (or leaving the gap), actually changes the shape of your face a little. The reason for this is that, as there is no root in the jaw, the jawbone gradually reduces and thins, changing your shape slightly; this is also why dentures become loose.
The other option to replace a lost tooth, which also gets around this problem, is the dental implant. This procedure involves placing a titanium root into the jawbone. The use of titanium ensures that the bone will grow around it and thus, hold it tightly in place. When this has happened, usually in around three months, a crown will be added. This simple procedure (which is nothing like as painful as it may sound), is an excellent substitute for a lost tooth as it looks entirely natural and, once you have become used to it, will feel entirely natural too. Unlike a denture, you won’t have to worry about it falling out and will be able to eat what you want, including toffees! You also don’t need to take it out to clean it, simply brush and floss as you would with a natural tooth.
The downside of course, is that dental implants are more expensive, but as they last for over twenty years, they are a great long term investment.
Dental Implants are available at many cosmetic dental practices in the Uk and the writer can recommend Alexandra Dental care in Burton for anyone who may wish to consider them.