Windows Are The Soul Of Your Home

The very first things that people notice about a house are its windows because they are the spyglasses to one’s inner abode. No wonder that people believe windows to be the soul of one’s home. In Chinese Feng Shui and Indian Vastu Shastra, studies related to house and design, windows hold precedence over everything else. Among many things that ancient architects used to devote their time studying, windows played a major role.

Ancient Beliefs of the Asians

In China and India, windows are designed to ensure maximum sunlight into the house. In fact, traditional belief holds that placing windows in certain directions brings bad luck to the inhabitants by promoting darkness. While the west is unaware of such ancient beliefs, architects of today do follow the same line of thought, albeit with a more reasonable explanation. Windows should always provide maximum sunlight to the house and illuminate the interiors during the day. In the night, they serve as good ventilation units. However, does the value of a window stop at just this much, or is there more?

Functionality Matters but So Does Design
No one ever notices the fact that windows of a palace or a castle are so much more different from those of a common townhouse. Now, imagine, a home with windows made of steel and rails, it certainly does not paint a nice picture on the entire house and especially its inhabitants. Instead imagine a house with French styled windows, using clean lines and polished steel to decorate the exterior along with heavy drapery to give it a nice cover. This certainly does feel more recognizable and appreciable. The reason is because windows are what makes a house look elegant or dull. Having expansive windows that run all along the walls opens up the interiors but gives a happy feeling to anyone inside. Similarly, using small but well placed windows along the hallway or staircase will not just be functional but also decorative by association.

Browsing through a few online window and door manufacturers proves the fact that windows matter more than doors. One shall find at least three times more designs and patterns for windows than doors. This suggests the fact that architects and home owners love windows. Could it be because windows are actually the soul of a house?

The Three Things That Windows Must Have
In order for a house to have windows that add some value and life to it, it should have appropriately designed curtains, shutters and glass panes. Curtains add value to the inside while shutters and the glass add value to the house from the outside. Depending on the mood of a room, its windows can be decked up with heavy curtains or light semi-transparent shades. Similarly, the glass panels can be tinted in case they are full length or they can be crystal clear to provide outsiders a peak into what could be their dream house. Finally, the shutters are something that every house needs, especially with some of its windows. Bathroom and private area windows should always have shutters that can be latched from the inside, not just for extra protection but also for privacy. After all, windows are the soul of a house.

The windows are important part of your home charm, so it is important to choose quality windows to achieve the best effect. If you are looking for home improvement tips and ideas, a good place for you will be Style Is For Suckers.