Women Are Safer with Home Security

It is estimated that 28 percent of burglaries occur while someone is at home. As upsetting as it is to be robbed, stop for a moment to consider the terror you would feel if you were home when the invader came in the window. Estimates further show that in seven percent of household burglaries, a family member is subjected to a physical assault. Whether you are a woman living alone or a lady whose busy family is often away, here is what you should know about security within your home.

Rely on Yourself

Guns are great for home security, but there are some challenges involved with relying on firearms. If you have kids, you probably keep the ammunition is a separate place, and every second counts if your home is broken into. Second, you have to ask yourself if you would really be willing to shoot somebody. If you pull a gun that you aren’t willing to actually use, then that weapon could be taken away and used on you.

A better solution is to invest in self-defense training and a few cans of pepper spray. Keep the spray where you can easily reach it, and practice your self-defense moves regularly. You may not willing to shoot an intruder, but knowing how to get out of a hammer lock or take down an attacker with your bare hands could save your life.

Be Smart About Extra Keys

Door keys hidden in obvious places are more of a risk than anything. Rather than putting a key under the potted plant or above the doorframe, consider investing in a keypad for the garage door. Another option is to invest in a lockbox with a combination that you can place outside the door. You can access the key, but would-be intruders will have to find another way.

Extra Security for Windows and Doors

The FBI reports that two million homes are burglarized every year, but law enforcement agencies believe that many go unreported. They believe that the actual number is closer to four million burglaries every year. They also report that 80 percent of break-ins happen on the first floor, and burglars only require five seconds to open a window with a common latch.

Make your home safer by investing in better protection for doors and windows. Special kickplates are easily added to doors and prevent thieves from kicking them in. You can also invest in simple window security systems that sit in the tracks of a window and prevent a burglar from bypassing the lock and opening the window.

Invest in a Security System

The monthly monitoring fee on most systems breaks down to a dollar a day or less, and that makes a security system a fine choice. The alarm will alert you if someone breaks in at night, and you can travel with confidence knowing that your home is protected. Most criminals are looking for an easy target, and they will keep on searching when they see that your home is monitored by a security system.

When you are ready to sleep better at night and trust that your home is secure, you should make a few key investments. Keep your extra key in a safe place, and invest in self –defense training that can save your life. Make windows and doors safer with the right accessories, and have an alarm installed for the greatest peace of mind.

Ely Shipley is a guest writer for www.securitysystems.net. Go now to learn more about home security.