Wooden Windows vs. Aluminium Windows: Facts To Consider

For centuries wood was used as the main window and door material until new technology got introduced that used metal. Still more technological ideas have emerged and the aluminium started to be used. Many people have been using aluminium windows as well as the wooden windows in the past century. Many people will choose wooden windows while just as many will go with the aluminium ones. Here are some basic factors that a person can use to compare these two window materials.

Installation: The installation process is an important aspect when it comes to windows. The simple fact is that wooden windows have bulky frames and for this reason are heavier to install. It follows that the specialist who installs wooden windows demands more than the one installing the aluminium windows. Aluminium windows are light to lift and manoeuvre when installing. The wooden windows come with an advantage at this point of being homey and more appealing and are more natural to the eyes than the aluminium window which is all metallic. Many people will like the wooden window because of the appeal it have to the eye.

Maintenance: When one is putting up a window they should always consider the maintenance cost involved. Aluminium windows are strong and require a relatively substantial amount when it comes to the initial cost but when it comes to regular maintenance, there is nothing much that is required form the home owner. The window can last for a long time without repairs and paint. The window that is made of wood on the other hand will need to be looked after every now and then. Unlike the aluminium windows, the wooden window is prone to getting damaged by water and the direct sunlight. Regular painting and repairs are required.

Insulation: Many people would like a window that gives the best when it comes to comfort and that homely ambience. Well, the wooden window is the best when it comes to this. Wood is a poor conductor of heat and as such it prevents cold entering the room during winter and also prevents heat escaping the room. The only disadvantage that comes with this is that it expands and it is in these expanding and contracting phases that the maintenance steps must be taken. Aluminium is not really good when it comes to preventing cold from entering the house unless someone uses glazed panes. But in the recent year with the introduction of thermal break in the aluminium windows manufacturers have worked towards rectifying this demerit.

Durability: Many people will look into the factor of durability when they are purchasing their windows. One can say that wooden windows are good in many areas be it beauty, natural feel, warmth, affordability and many others. Yet, when it comes to the longevity of the material, it is put to test by the aluminium windows. The wooden windows will wear out because of the changes in weather conditions. The aluminium windows on the other hand will last for long because the metal is not really affected by the weather or bugs easily. The aluminium windows can last for decades.

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