Work Smart: Apps For Students

Work Smart: Apps For Students

Work Smart: Apps For StudentsIf you are just using your smartphone or laptop for Facebook or Flash games, then you are doing it a great disservice, for in your hands lies the means to achieving college greatness. Nowadays there are dozens of apps aimed at every aspect of college life and I do mean every aspect, so read on as I list down a few.

Apps to Take Notes

  1. QuickOffice – Is an app that allows you to edit Microsoft Office documents such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint from both android and iOS devices. The app also allows you to access files from your DropBox folders, so you can take notes wherever you are and save it to your DropBox folder to access it at home later.
  2. Penultimate – If you are tired of typing your notes, or you need to include illustrations and figures, this app turns your iPad into a notebook you can write in using your finger.
  3. Share Your Board – For those who momentarily can’t write or type due to a sprained finger or are just feeing plain lazy, this app allows you to take a clear picture of the whiteboard. Leaving you free to pay more attention to the lecture.

Apps to Organize your Life and help you Study

  1. Evernote – If there is one app to get, this would be it. This would be it. It allows you to organize and sort all your notes including pictures, recordings and emails under specialized tags, for quick reference. It also works in tandem with other apps as well.
  2. iStudiezPro – Never miss a deadline or fail to study for an exam as this app will schedule all things for you. Simply input your schedules and deadlines, and it will notify you of any approaching deadlines and let you know when your next class is. It even helps calculate your grades, so you will know how much to aim for in the next major exam.
  3. Study Blue – This app is a study aid that helps you make flashcards and sorts them under different categories for easy retrieval.
  4. Grades 2 – Sometimes you need to know how mc to aim for in the next exam, both for peace of mind, and t give you a goal to word toward. Grades 2 helps calculate your standing based on past homework and scores and lets you know if you are on track or are in the red.

Apps for Group Work and Projects

  1. Asana – This app removes the hassle of having to stay in contact with group members as it allows you to quickly assign tasks to your group members and check on its progress. The end users can then see what tasks they have pending and which they have already completed.
  2. Cloud storage apps – The most popular here would be DropBox and Google Drive. Cloud storage systems provide groups with a single place to submit their various works, or are also useful for making a small library people can use to share their notes with. It acts as a great back up as well, for files, papers, and projects in case you lose your external hard disk or your laptop crashes.

Misc. School Apps

  1. Dictionary & Thesaurus – This app is available for free in most mobile devices. But there are apps that connect you to online dictionaries such as the Merriam Webster app.
  2. Graphing Calculator- For the engineering students who forgot their calculators at home, although I’m not sure you can use it during exams.
  3. VoIP – There are dozens of apps from different manufacturers but who will pass on the chance to score free phone calls, or get to video chat with one’s girlfriend who goes to a different college?