Working iCloud Activation Lock Service For Any Apple Device—For Free

Dear iPhone users, in this short article I will provide information on how to deal with iCloud Activation Lock problems. In case you did not know, it is totally possible to remove the locked account and add a new one in legal and safe way. However, in order to do so you must use a proper and verified service tool that will not cause harm to your device and which will not cost you money.

The special download links for the iCloud Activation Lock service tool are available bellow.

This iCloud Unlocker tool is very popular among the iOS society and is becoming even more popular due to its efficiency when it comes to dealing with the Activation lock screen problem on Apple device. Many iOS technicians and experts who were previously reluctant about using the tool are now giving green light and are even recommending the official iCloud unlock Remove service.

There are many benefits of making use of this tool instead of going to an Apple store to unlock the iCloud. If you compare both methods you will see that with the official iCloud lock remover you do not need to spend a single cent and you will still be able to permanently unlock the activation lock directly from the database servers of Apple. And in comparison, the Apple services cost a lot of money and it may take weeks before the iCloud Activation lock is removed. On top of that you are required to bring ownership or original warranty of the device in order to prove that you are the original owner.

There are several advantages of using this too over going to official Apple store to unlock the iCloud lock. Just to compare if you use the unlock tool you will not pay a single cent and you will be able to completely unlock the Activation lock directly from Apple’s database servers. And in case you decide to use Apple’ services you will need to pay enormous fee and on top of that wait a few weeks until the job is done.

Unlock iCloud Only with the Official Service Tool

Now that the official service tool is available you no longer need to search for the right method to remove the activation screen lock. You can do it right here and right now. Just click on the download link bellow, get the program installed and follow my short instructions:

  • Connect the iCloud locked device with your computer (MAC and PC are supported)
  • Select the correct model of your device
  • Enter your Apple device into DFU mode
  • Enter the accurate IMEI code
  • Press on “Initiate iCloud Unlock” to begin
  • Wait while the unlock is being processed
  • After the iCloud locked account is removed your device will be automatically rebooted
  • Once the reboot is completed, restart your device and add your new iCloud ID and password
  • Once the Activation screen is shown, enter your new iCloud login credentials

And that’s it, the iCloud Activation Lock is now unlocked and you can use your device freely