Working With Contractors & Trades On Home Reno Projects

It is never easy being a home or property owner and dealing with contractors and the building “trades”.  You would think that they “want blood”.  It is never an easy process.  Some experienced home owners will tell you to get three quotes , whereas others will advise simply to find a competent and fair tradespeople or firm and work solely with them.  Still what are some reasonable tips and advice for working , choosing and dealing with these projects ?

It is Critical That You Determine What You Want In Your Finished Product & Set Your Budgets:
First of all before calling a “contractor” , it is critical that decide what you actually want in your end result and  finished project . After that set out  a budget firmly and clearly in your mind.   After all if you don’t know where you are going you will end up “somewhere else”.  Without clearly defining and determining at least something of your end point – how on earth can you describe your wishes and preferences to any working person.  You can bet that you will have a raging fire and an exercise in frustration on your hands. Sure some people will tell you to get on with your life ( and your project at hand).  Yet spend a good amount of time and effort at this point in the planning juncture and you will be rewarded with a project done properly .  The bonus will be on top of that , less stress and often a lower overall project cost.  Why spin your wheels, like a Laura character huffing and puffing , running around keeping busy for no good and apparent end result.  It must be remembered especially when it comes to major renovations and upgrades that once the work begins changing orders can be more than difficult and come at great cost.

Clarify & Communicate Fully With Each Trades Contractor To Lessen Confusion:
As well and in addition make it a solid policy to ask questions of each and every contractor to lessen confusion.  If you do have multiple bidders on a project  or a series of different interlocking workers and trade skills.  You are spending both your hard earned money and time and its to everyone’s benefit ( in the process and project) to make them in essence justify their proposal or proposals.  In addition you may well be presented or informed of options or solutions that were not apparent , or had evolved, previously.  On top of that you may well be educated and enlightened in the process.

Prices Can Vary – Seek Multiple Quotes & Make the Decision Rationally:
Lastly prices for the same project , work or projects can vary widely from worker to worker.  That is why you should seek out multiple quotes. While it is true that often “you get what you pay for”, in other cases quotes can be deceiving. Is it the exact same work done ?  Does one firm or quote have either lower costs and overhead of has thought out a better , faster or more economical way to “get the job done”.  Yet at the end of the day its your choice and choices as to which contractor you choose , who you want to work with and whom all you all you feel most comfortable with awarding the work contract and tender.
Ron Rona
Rona is an experienced construction & commercial renovation  project director well known in the Winnipeg & Manitoba well known and respected professionally in the building reno & upgrade trades. His latest area of expertise and challenges are deal with City of Winnipeg property tax assessment appeals .  It can truthfully be said that no one in the metro Wpg areas ever likes receiving that official property assessment notification envelope come earch June