Working With Modern Ovens In Your Bakery

Thanks to advanced equipment and technology, bakeries all over the world have significantly improved. Running a restaurant, hotel or even a bakery means that you need to provide your customers with perfectly prepared food in order to keep up with your competition. This is why you should buy all your kitchen equipment from a reliable supplier like Macadams, especially popular items like rack ovens.

Choosing high quality bakery equipment means that you will be able to enjoy energy efficient equipment that is easy to use and versatile. Reducing your electricity bill is important for any business, as this will reduce your overall expenses. You’ll also be able to enjoy faster cooking times, as you will have the ability to bake multiple items simultaneously.

When it comes to choosing the best restaurant and bakery equipment, you should consider products from a reliable supplier like Macadams. With a wide variety of products and more than a 100 years in business, Macadams specializes in restaurant equipment that will be ideal for your bakery. In terms of ovens, if you run a small business or bakery, you can do with a smaller oven model like the M80ES rack oven. This oven is ideal for smaller bakeries as it offers the capacity to bake up to 80 loaves of bread at a time. You can also benefit from a canopy and an easy to use control panel, making it easy to manage and maintain.

However, if you have a larger bakery to manage, you can choose larger rack ovens like the popular M120 or the M180. The M120 has a larger capacity than the M80ES, and it has a Smart Controller. It offers you the ability to bake up to 120 loaves of bread. The even larger M180 rack oven will allow you to bake 180 bread loves at a time, and also has a Smart Controller with a ramp and a platform system. For these ovens, you can choose to have either a gas powered or an electric oven, as well as an optional damper and canopy.

In addition to this, Macadams also provides the popular range of Artisan ovens. They also offer popular features like the Smart Controller, as well as a superior steam system. They have an improved design, making them versatile and modern; they also have windows fitted to their doors so that you can see what is going on inside. This gives you the affordable, easy to use equipment that you can expect from a world class supplier.

Macadams specializes in rack ovens and our equipment is cost effective and energy efficient. Contact us today to find out how we can help you get the best equipment for your bakery.