World’s Highest Tennis Court Atop Roof In Dubai

The beautiful city of Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates and contains some of the most innovative architecture in the world. It has become a playground for the wealthy and the city has some pretty unique places to show for it. One of these locations is known as the “Tennis Court in the Sky.” The location has been the setting of choice for numerous photo shoots, specifically for sports.

The Tennis Court Initially Called a Hoax

The tennis court was initially regarded as a hoax. The validity of the location was called into question after Andre Agassi and Roger Federer were photographed playing tennis on a round court high up in the sky. Wide angles showed a tall white structure with gently curving walls and reflective windows on what looked like its own island, with the tennis court located on top of the building’s roof. Golf fans recognized it as a place that Tiger Woods had played golf off in a similar photo shoot. The location was later confirmed, laying to rest the idea that it was photo-shopped.

Is It Really a Tennis Court?

The so-called “Tennis Court in the Sky” is actually not a full time sports court, but it appears that famous athletes have no problem making it such during their visits. The court is actually a helipad atop the futuristic hotel, the Burj Al Arab. In fact, the surface of the helipad was changed specifically for the visiting athletes. In company photos of the luxury hotel, the helipad has the surface and markings of most safe and professional helicopter landing zones.

About the Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab is the epitomy of luxury, with Rolls Royce’s on call for their guests, 24-hour butlers, and places where guests can eat high in the sky or below the water that surrounds the hotel. When they made themselves available for the Andre Agassi and Roger Federer publicity shoot, they effectively turned their helipad into the highest tennis court in the world, and it still holds that record, even if it is not technically a tennis court anymore.

Whether the Burj Al Arab will turn their helipad into a tennis court again is unclear. However, the location does have an expansive view of the city and the surrounding waters, so it is relatively certain that it will remain a popular place for photographers and guests alike.

  • Photo by Brett Jordan

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