Yoga Teacher Training India: Things To Consider

Yoga Training

Yoga training is very prominent in recent times. It helps you get your body and mind aligned and removes stress as well. Before you consider signing up for one the courses, here are some things you have to consider.

Yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the world right now. Originating in India, it is known for its healing properties on the body, mind, and soul. Not only is yoga considered to be a great way to tone your muscles, it helps you with psychological problems as well.

Along with learning yoga as a form of exercise, many wish to teach their peers about the positive effects of yoga. For this to be possible, many ashrams and centres offer yoga training in India. This is a very well-known course that helps you achieve inner peace and certify you to pass the knowledge along too!

If you are planning to take on a teacher training course for yoga, there are few things you should know beforehand to make it through the course:


The curriculum of the yoga teacher training courses is quite intensive. Many people misconstrue it to be a vacation where they can learn yoga whenever they want. The courses have a fixed curriculum which includes when you will need to be up and the timings of your daily meals as well. Be prepared for the same or you might be in for a bit of a shock as your typical day starts at 6 AM in the morning and goes on till 9:30 PM!


As the classes range from beginner to intermediate, it can be a little hard for you to get some of the poses perfectly. This especially holds true if you have not practiced yoga before. However, this is why the yoga teacher training course is available! Not only will you be able to understand the meaning and reason behind each asana, but you will also learn the right technique to nail it as well. Patience is a definite need for the same.

Not a Cleanse

Please keep in mind that this intensive program is to help you understand the nuances of the yoga asanas and why each of them benefits your system in a particular way. You cannot expect yoga to take care of your system at one go and then stop doing it. If you are planning to teach yoga, it is important to respect the art of yoga and ensure that your students do the same.


A 200-hour yoga teacher training course is not something you need to take lightly. You need to be committed to learning to excel at it. Even after the course is complete, you need to commit to spreading the art of yoga and helping people out with the same!


If you are taking a course of yoga training in India, you will not have to worry about your accommodation, travel, and meals. Most of the ashrams ensure that they provide good accommodation, pick up and drop to the airport and wholesome meals throughout your stay!

Yoga teacher training courses are one of the most fulfilling courses you can take in this lifetime. If you are planning to take one, make sure you can meet all these requirements!