You Have Never Golfed Until You’ve Golfed In The Canadian Rockies

People have never experienced golf until they have golfed in the Canadian Rockies. There are many undeniable reasons why people should try to experience golf there.


When it comes to scenery, nothing can compare to Alberta golf courses. The reason for this is because most golf courses in Alberta have amazing views of the Canadian Rockies. Golfers will be impressed with the scenery that surrounds them while they enjoy a day of golf.

Unique Accommodation

Another reason why golfers will love golfing in the Canadian Rockies is the unique accommodations that most golf courses have. One of the golf courses located in the Rockies has a hotel that is fashioned after an ancient Scottish castle. The hotel is located right on the resort too, which is nice because after a good game of golf one will be able to go to their hotel room and relax. They could also enjoy what the hotel has to offer them.

Wild life Sightings

Wildlife are all over some golf courses int he Rockies offer. A golfer can expect to see a wide range of wildlife while they are on the golf course. No other golf courses in the world has the wild life that the courses located in the Rockies have. While golfing, golfers will most likely spot a black bear or two, deer and even moose. Golfers will want to make sure to bring their cameras when they are out on the course, because some of these animals will make their way onto the course or will be spotted nearby.

Relaxing Environment

Nothing beats golfing in the Canadian Rockies because many of the golf courses there provide golfers a relaxing environment. Many of the golf courses in the Rockies have beautiful patios, where golfers can go and relax, sit and enjoy all of the scenery that surrounds them.

State Of The Art Golf Courses

The main reason why golfers should golf in the Rockies is that no golf courses in the world can compare to the courses found there. Most of the courses are considered championship courses. Many of the courses are 6,000+ yards with more than 16 holes. Any golfer will appreciate the size of the courses in the area, almost as much as they will appreciate the amazing views of the Rockies. Another thing that is worth mentioning is that many of the courses also have multiple tee boxes at every single hole, which means that golfers of all expertise will be able to choose the best box that meets their needs.

These are just some of the reasons why golfers have never golfed until they have experienced golfing on the courses located in the gorgeous Rockies.

Sammy Taylor is a freelance writer, sports blogger, and golfing enthusiast. Sammy writes about golf courses in Alberta and hopes to one day visit every golf course across Canada.