Your Bedding May Be Halting Your Sleep. Here Are 8 Amazing Facts

Your Bedding May Be Halting Your Sleep. Here Are Eight Amazing Facts

Good sleep is all that you need to get refreshed after a long tiring day. You would definitely want to remove anything that comes between you and peaceful sleep at night, right?

There are a number of things that halt your sleep but you can’t spot them. It can even be the uncomfortable thin layer of bedding between you and the soft mattress. That might sound peculiar, but to many sleep experts, that is a fact.

Here are some amazing facts to know about bedding.

The higher the thread count, the higher the quality – but not always!

Thread count is the number of threads used per square inch in your bedding. If you think the higher number of threads in pillows and bed sheets means the finer the quality, you are right, but to an extent. If it goes over 800, it may cause a bit of restlessness and irritation as some sleep experts say. Thread count exceeding 1000 actually means two textiles sewn together, and that may cause irritation to the body.

A lot depends on the material

The textiles that you use to lay down over should be soothing and feel soft. Synthetic fabrics can have more heat trapped into them and feel a bit uncomfortable depriving you of quality sleep. Well-known global brands use cotton with all impurities removed through combing. So, the take away is, pure cotton is the material that you should be looking for when you are searching for bedding.

New sheets should also be washed

If possible, wash the sheets before you use them onto the bed. Renowned sleep experts are of the view that bedding sheets may catch irritants when are going through the packaging process. Washing them at least once will wash the irritants away and make the sheet more comfortable for you to sleep on.

The detergent might be the culprit

When it comes to sensitive skins, more than the material of the bedding, it is the detergent that you to wash the sheet in. Certain substances in the bedding may make the sheet irritant. Then those with skin sensitive to perfumes and other allergy-causing matter would find them even more uncomfortable and may even catch more serious skin problems.

Bedding should see the laundry basket at least once a week

Can there be anything more enjoyable than climbing onto clean, smooth and soft bedding? In order to feel that relaxing experience, you need to send your bedding to a laundry every week or so. Professional launderers understand the washing methods that are suitable for the kind of material the bedding is made with. Also, their disinfectants and sanitizers are certified to not cause skin and other problems.

Seasonal bedding is a good option

Although cotton is the best material for bedding, seasonal bedding may cater to needs depending upon the season. In winters, heavier material like jersey can make your time in the bed much better and relaxing. While in summers, cotton would do the best and also some other lighter materials.

Bedding’s life spans 1.5 to 2 years

For perfect sleeping experience, you need to change your bedding every 18 to 24 months. Just like clothing, bedding also runs out of its usability period. They must be changed in order for you to have a peaceful sleep and also to avoid diseases. As bedding’s age, the level of comfort in them decreases and impurities and pollutants are trapped in. Threads start wearing out and the quality of material declines making the textile unfriendly at sleep.

Pillowcases are even more important

On the off chance that buying bedding too frequently may frustrate some, what should be considered more importantly is, pillowcases are sensitive and must be changed at all. Have more pillowcases that you can use with different sheets. Pillowcases are directly in contact with your face, since they should not be used too frequently, or should be changed early.

Sleep is the most important factor in guessing the quality of the day that you will spend ahead, in terms of your health, attention and activeness. This is important to be taken care of in every possible way. Bedding solutions hence are prescribed above with the hope that the knowledge will improve the quality of sleep and make your life much better.

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