Prepare Your Child Through The Multi Dimensional Approaches In Education

Prepare Your Child Through The Multi Dimensional Approaches In Education

One of the benefits an individual receives while living in such an era is the loads of variety available. Before the advent of new concepts and forces, our ancestors were forced to comply with an existing, single choice, but now we are bestowed upon with multiple factors and choices even for a petty concept. Similarly, the type of education, we are getting now is an example of this. The multidimensional approaches in education are due to the forces of globalization present around us, which has made education so easy to obtain. Be it formal or informal, these characterizes as the main sources of education, whether we receive it through books or online, browsing different websites for the purpose of education, these are all the examples you will receive regarding the dynamic tactics of obtaining education. Formal education is defined as the education received while sitting in front of the board, while the teachers delivers the lectures and on the other hand, informal education is the one in which distance education is a part of it. It incorporates the use of social media, applications, technology, educational websites solely created for one purpose. We cannot say that the essence of formal education has declined, but we can guarantee that the cores of informal activities have risen up to an extent, eventually benefitting the vast crowd of students.

The Informative Box

Television is now easily and conveniently available in different households. It has entangled individuals of every age, involving the students to sit in front of it and stare it for long. As every aspect has its pros and cons, television if properly used, can be consumed as the best source of entertainment as well as infotainment. With the help of the rising number of channels, there are loads of variants, which includes channels for the babies, toddlers, school going as well as university going medical students.

Social Media

The online interaction among individuals is inevitable; social media comprises of various forums and platforms through which ideas are transferred from one corner of the globe to the other corner. The diffusion of ideas has been made that simple, similarly education, in terms of composing articles, prose writing and course/content scripting has been made common.

Distance Learning

The electronic concept of distant learning has allowed students, who are handicapped or disabled and even those who cannot reach for formal education, to study and attain knowledge with the help of a single click. Different websites, as a way and platforms have been initiates just for this purpose. Through this, online diplomas and certificates are also given and distributed which carry the same weightage as that in formal education.


All the above mentioned factors are an offshoot of technology, but you can also educate by writing and composing your own idea and philosophies. By writing and compiling a book, you can reach and interact to millions of users as students and can talk to them with the help of your ideas embedded in the book. These handbooks are used as syllabus in various institutes to carry and pursue formal education.

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