Your Guide To Getting Better Sightseeing On The Back Of A Bike

Your Guide To Getting Better Sightseeing On The Back Of A Bike

When you want to see the country, the best way to do it is with the wind in your face. There is nothing like traveling on the back of a motorcycle. If you are the adventurous type, then here are some tips to make your site seeing journey fun, memorable, and safe.

Make a Plan

It all starts with a plan. There is the place you start, and the place you want to go. You have to make a plan for how to get there. Check out the internet for maps, and lodgings and food you can find along the way. Think carefully about what you need to pack and put it in your saddle bags.

Ensure Your Comfort

Think about the weather. Many riders wear their leathers for protection when on the road, but more and more are swearing by GorTex. Layering can help you stay comfortable. Wear more layers for colder weather and then start peeling them off as the temperature rises. Don’t forget your lip balm and sunscreen, either. And, obviously, never ride without a helmet.

Tell People Where You Will Be

Make sure someone has your itinerary and update that person daily. That way if you get lost or something happens to you, someone will have an idea of where to start looking. If you wipe out and land in a ditch, you may not be seen by drivers on the road. It will be a relief to know that someone is looking for you. And if you are in an accident, you will need someone who can help find you help in an emergency.

Update Friends and Family Via Social Media

Part of the fun is being able to share your exploits. This is where smartphone technology comes into play. Having a good phone that takes pictures and lets you share them will allow you to keep friends and family updated. Being able to share your exploits and having their responses is the next best thing to having them with you.

Just Do It

Once you have planned all the things you will need for a safe and comfortable journey ,and you have made sure to pack and let people know where you are, the final step is just to get on that steed and ride.

A motorcycle is one of the best ways to see the country. It allows you to travel in the open air and gives you a better view of the scenery than a car window. It takes some planning and an independent spirit but as any rider will tell you, it is totally worth it.