Your Guide To The Top Film Festivals Held In Europe

Film festivals are a must visit for movie enthusiasts, as it is an ideal time to explore new techniques and concepts being introduced and acknowledged in the film industry, along with motivating new talent. Whether you are a fan of romance, horror or sci-fi, you can certainly find a film festival to complement your choice of movies. However, considering the ever increasing number of these festivals being held around the year, it is certainly not easy to decide which ones to attend and which to miss. So, to solve your dilemma here is a list of the top film festivals held in Europe, along with reasons why you should attend them.

  • Sundance: Held in the month of January, in the small town of Sundance, this festival has the reputation of having introduced major talents and is known as a must for credible film makers who wish to showcase their talent. You can expect to watch comedies, documentaries and arty dramas in this festival, which is attended by top directors and buyers. Moreover, the festival coincides with a famous winter sports event, making it even more exciting for participants and attendees.
  • Berlin: Berlin is next on the list for anyone looking to attend a more sober version of film festivals, as it is considered more apt for launching cause based, worthy projects, primarily in the form of documentaries, without much glamour and glitz. The beauty of Berlin, however, makes up for the absence of celebrity sparkle and during the festival it looks like as if the entire city is invited, as its venues spread across the region. Besides this, the credibility of this festival is evident from the workshops held by big names of the industry to support budding filmmakers.
  • Cannes: When it comes to the top film festivals held in Europe, Cannes cannot be left behind. This prestigious event offers the finest of international cinema, along with re-released classics. Considering the repute this festival enjoys, it is understandable that not everyone gets to attend the screenings. However, tickets are available for the town residents, who love this chance to see the Hollywood A-listers adorn the red carpet every evening.
  • Venice: Considered as the most glamorous film festival at one time, and often considered at par with Cannes, Venice saw a dip in popularity due to its changed schedule, which clashes with Toronto. However, dedicated film lovers still throng this venue each year to view the classy art films from around the world, along with Italian cinema, showcased here.

As mentioned above, the list of film festivals is endless and listed above are only a few among all the film festivals held in Europe. It will take no less than a full year’s time to attend all. Therefore, picking out only the top names or the ones which go with your taste or preference the best, will be a more sensible choice. With every film festival offering something different and unique, some boasting of the big names and others promoting new filmmakers and worthy topics, you will not be disappointed.