Your iPad And Your Virtual Assistant, A Team Made In Heaven

Virtual Assistants as a Full Time Staff
As a small business person, I often look for ways that I can improve productivity for my business. Like many others in my situation I can not afford to pay for a full time administrative staff so I have been using the services of a Virtual Assistant for some time. My VA helps me with all of the day to day grunt work that I dont have time to deal with as I prospect for new clients and do the hard work needed to keep my existing clients happy.

 Co-ordinating the Office
Unfortunately, I am out of the office most of the time, so I have had difficulty coordinating with an overseas based Virtual Assistant. A great solution to this problem appeared when I purchased my new iPad, although I am sure it would be the same with any Android Tablet. By using Google Docs, and the ability of my iPad to run multiple email clients simultaneously, I can keep track of all her work even when I am on the road. She is even able to share important documents and contracts using document sharing services like Dropbox.
I have found that my productivity has grown tremendously since I began to use my iPad to help me manage my VA. Another fantastic utility that helps me with this is Skype. I am able to have video conference calls with her on a moments notice. I always find that being able to share screens and see each other makes communicating much more effective than when all we can do is hear voices or read emails.
Skype Account
By giving her a Skype account I am now able to have her call me anywhere I am from anywhere in the world that has internet connections. We even did a confernce call with her while I was having a businiess lunch with a client and she was able to edit his report while he watched from 12,000 miles away.
Limitations For Virtual Assistants  
There are always limitatons to any solution and having a Virtual Assistant is not perfect. Still, by using her skills and combining them with the portable power of my new tablet, I have been able to expand my business and impress my clients while paying less than half what it would cost me for a domestic admin. To me, thatsjustgoodbusiness.
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