Your Local SEO & Internet Marketing Company In Ayrshire & Glasgow

Back in the days before Google, getting to the top of the search engines was simple, so SEO and internet marketing was limited to keyword repetition.  Fortunately, all search engines, not just the almighty Google, are much more intelligent and are able to establish which pages are most relevant to each and every search term.

What is search engine optimisation?

The job of an SEO and internet marketing company is to ensure that every single webpage is as relevant to the keyword as possible. There are many factors to search engine optimisation and no company is able to guarantee you results.
Cogo Creative has been working in internet marketing, SEO and web design for 18 years and has become one of the most popular companies in Ayrshire and Glasgow. Your search for a reliable SEO specialist and internet marketer will most likely begin with companies promising you everything you want to here.
Unfortunately, these are probably empty promises and you may be likely to lose a lot of money. Cogo has built up a strong rapport with our customers over the years because of our honesty and integrity in the way we work. This is just one of the many reasons that we are now one of the market leaders in Ayrshire and Glasgow.

For a cost effective marketing budget

The top SEO and internet marketing firms will cost a lot to hire; they are probably raking in tens of thousands of pounds every single month. Budget is very important when choosing a company to put your faith in because you could easily end up ploughing more and more money into your campaign, chasing an unrealistic goal.
Small businesses don’t need the huge corporate SEO giants to manage their online presence, many will achieve more success with a local internet marketing and SEO company, charging reasonable prices, such as Cogo Creative.

What to look out for?

It’s really important that you avoid SEO companies that promise you a number one spot on Google as they are not providing you with a top ranking on the organic results, but a paid Google advert.
Understanding the basics of SEO is essential because many firms try ‘black hat’ tactics or claim to have secret methods and know people on the inside of Google. Like Cogo Creative, we believe that companies should be honest and open about the ways they will try to make web pages more applicable.
By working with an internet marketing company & SEO firm that uses these black hat methods could cost a lot of money and damage your reputation. If your website is picked up by Google you could be banned from indexing, meaning that you won’t appear on the search engine.
We are proud of being one of the most popular SEO and internet marketing companies in Ayrshire and Glasgow because of the way in which we conduct our business.
Ian Jamieson is a web designer and marketing specialist located in Scotland. For more information on the subject, contact COGO today.