Your Most Friendly, Accurate Future Predictor in Washington DC

The name of Maralyn Burstein is nothing new when it comes to hiring the services of a dependable astrologer. She has studied the subject thoroughly and has a huge list of trusted clients having immense faith in her astrological predictions. Maralyn returned to Washington, DC to pursue her higher studies and look after her grandmother. Later on she started her own astrological consultancy unit at Maralyn Burnstein Astrology Center. Maralyn is originally from Poland and belongs to the Hassidic Jewish Community.

She did her graduation and Master’s from the George Washington University, majoring in British Literature. She completed her high school from INTERLOCHEN Arts Academy wherefrom she also pursued her degree in music. Owing to her love for music she studied the piano, violin and music at the same time. Maralyn was one of the best students who took part in the poetry recital programs and was hugely appreciated for her performance. She took two more years to study literature and poetry at the Goddard College in Vermont before pursuing her passion, astrology.

Even though she was eager to learn astrology from the beginning she decided to give adequate attention to other important subjects before going for the ultimate one. Initially Maralyn Burstein started with Western Astrology and got her basics right. She completed all the reading matter and gained enough knowledge to move on to Vedic Astrology. The huge amount of knowledge gained thrilled her immensely and illuminated her soul and mind. Her knowledge on the subject is vast and she thoroughly enjoys reading more on the subject.

Maralyn Burstein got herself enrolled in a good college meant for astrologers. The Faculty of Astrological Studies in England is one such institution that has some of the best professors and lecturers. For her doctoral program Maralyn chose Vedic Astrology and set out to delve into its depths. Some of the best teachers, she studied under include Dr Charak, Nandan Chirmilay, Brendan Feelay, Hart deFouw and many more. She studied astrology under KN Raoi, who awarded her the SHAKTIPAT. Maralyn also attended conferences by the Faculty astrological Studies where some of the most renowned personalities from the astrological field were present. She got a scope of learning and understanding a lot that happened at the conference.

At the meeting, she met John Frawley who specializes in Horary Astrology, a rear wing of the subject and Maralyn decided to get her next degree in the subject with the help of John. She successfully completed the course constructed by John and received the necessary degree. Once she had finished the project she received the title of Horary Craftsman which is one of the most prestigious awards in Astrological arena. Maralyn Burstein offers astrological services in Western Astrology, Horary Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, and Vedic Astrology. Her clients seek her predictions for making crucial business and personal decisions. If anyone is interested in getting predictions done by her, it is always sensible to get an appointment with the famed astrologer.