Your Rights As A Father Deserve Top Notch Legal Backing

Are you about to get divorced? If so, you are about to descend into a process that will be potentially long, tedious, and acrimonious. Even the typical “no fault” divorce can leave many scars that take years to heal. If your main issue is not financial but rather parental, you deserve top notch legal representation from an expert divorce and custody lawyer. This is backing that you will need if you desire to win your case.

Why is it So Important for a Divorcing Father to Retain a Lawyer?

There are many reasons why a father who is in the process of divorce will need to retain the best lawyer possible. The obvious reason is that you want to win a fair custody arrangement for your children. If you feel that your soon to be former spouse is a bad or neglectful parent, you will want to win full custody. At the very least, you want an equitable custody arrangement that will give you regular access to your children.

It’s Never a Good Idea to Try to Represent Your Own Case in Court

You may be worried about the possible financial constraints that you may find yourself in after your legal costs have been tallied up. However, the worst thing you can try to do is represent yourself in a divorce or custody case. You can rest assured that your soon to be former spouse will hire the very best lawyer they can get their hands on.

The lawyer that your former spouse has employed will use their expertise to try to get you to contradict the statements that you have made to the court. They may even try to get you to incriminate yourself in some fashion. Their goal will be to paint you in the worst possible light so that you will lose all rights to see your children. This is the goal that your former spouse will set for them. This is exactly why you need to get full representation from a legal expert such as Cordell and Cordell.

Money Should Never Be Your First Concern When Going to Court

You don’t need to worry about the cost of the process. This is a matter that you and your lawyer can work out during your initial consultation. Once you have agreed on what your goals are and how much it will cost to realize them, you can proceed to court. The main thing is to secure custody rights to your children so that they will not be forced to face the prospect of growing up without a father in their lives.

The Time for You to Hire an Expert Divorce and Custody Lawyer is Now

There is no time like the present for you to get started on the process of hiring a divorce and child custody lawyer. This is a matter that your former spouse has already seen to at their end. What you need is a lawyer that you can trust to have your best interests in mind.

It’s an excellent idea for you to retain the services of a legal expert in these matters as soon as possible. You can contact a local law firm, such as Cordell Cordell, in order to get started.