You’re Aging Rapidly Because Of Your Bad Habits

In order to have healthy, glowing and young looking skin for a long time we need to get rid of bad habits that are possibly preventing that from happening. These simple bad habits can be stopped today without spending all your income on skin care. The other thing to know is that expensive products do not guarantee blemish free skin either; this is because healthy skin greatly depends on what you put into your body.

Washing your skin too frequently
You skin should be washed and cleansed once or twice a day. Any more than this and the oil are stripped away, any less than this and your skin will build up too much oil in the skin and cause blemishes. Over washing can lead your skin to become irritated and dry which in turn creates wrinkles earlier than normal.
Dehydrating your skin
You could use the most expensive moisturizer and put it on three times a day and still not show any difference in your skin. This is because your skin is dehydrated on the inside. By drinking eight glasses of water a day your skin will become supple and healthy. This could also prevent dark circles, although in some cases genetics and other problems may also cause skin problems like dark circles. There are many options like fillers to treat this problem.
Not using sunblock
Most moisturizers today contain a small amount of SPF, this however is not enough if you are spending the day on the beach or going on a cruise. For the best protection on days out in the sun you need to have at least SPF 30 in your separate sunblock. Another thing to note is to always put sunblock on during cloudy days, the sun is just as strong through those clouds. You never want to burn your skin until it peels, this is extremely damaging and your chances of skin cancer are then higher.
Touching your skin too much
Your face has the most sensitive skin. If you are constantly touching, picking pimples and scratching your skin and can cause worse breakouts. Our hands carry a lot of germs and when we are touching our skin it transfers the bacteria there, this can later cause cystic acne. By touching the eye area too frequently is can cause sagging and wrinkles from a young age.
Using bad/wrong products
Every person has completely different skin to the next. Therefore asking your friends what works best for them is the wrong thing to do. You should rather have a facial and consult the professional about what is your skin type and what products are best. This will prevent you from buying cheap products that are probably wrong for your skin anyway.
Nicole de Freitas is an online writer on health and nutritional issues, she believes in looking after your skin from a young age and would still recommend botox cape town where cases are extreme.