You’re Insuring Your What?!

What do you think your smile is worth? Or your moustache? If it’s worth having, it may be worth insuring – at least if you make money from it.

Betty Grable’s legs were famously insured for a million dollars – each! Back in the 1940s that was a phenomenal amount, though it could well be argued that Betty’s legs were equally phenomenal! Likewise, Dolly Parton’s famous assets are insured for around four million. Not to be outdone by their forebears, R&B superstar Rihanna has her pins covered for a cool million from Gillette’s ‘Legs of a Goddess’ award, and topping the list, Mariah Carey’s legs are insured for a humungous one billion dollars.

Though famed for her sublime eyes, Bette Davis insured her waistline for the modern-day equivalent of $357,000 in the 1930s. You’d have to wonder if she’d be sued for damaging insured property if she ate too many cupcakes.

Wine tasters and food critics have been known to insure their tongues, noses and senses of taste and smell; their policies can include clauses that they cannot endanger their most valuable organs by participating in acts like fire breathing or assisting knife throwers.

The trend for insuring body parts is believed to have begun when Ben Turpin, star of the silent movie era, took out a policy for $25,000 in case his famously crossed eyes should suddenly; straighten out. Since then, insurance policies for famous bits has reached ridiculous heights.

Cricketer Merv Hughes has his moustache insured for $370,000, and a world-class yo-yo champion has his hands insured for $150,000 by the yo-yo company he represents.

Three British sisters paid a hundred pounds per year in case they became the recipients of an Immaculate Conception. Presumably the money was to pay for the new messiah’s upkeep? The policy was withdrawn after complaints by the Catholic Church, spoiling everybody’s fun. It seems the Church didn’t like the implication that The Good Father might default on his paternity obligations.

Generally, unless you’re really famous, you won’t get a massive body-part policy, despite your million-dollar smile or the priceless dimples in your cheek; however you can get sound life cover that will give you protection should any of your bits be irreparably damaged or lost.

Insurance is where you place money on your having that accident, while the insurance company is betting you won’t. Ultimately, what you’re paying for is peace of mind should the worst case scenario come to pass.

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