You’re not too Tall to Sprawl on Affordable Bedding

If people constantly ask you if you play basketball, chances are you are a tall person. The simple day-to-day items that most people use and don’t think twice about, can pose challenges for taller individuals. Finding the right furniture and a comfortable car can create obstacles. But when it comes to getting a quality sleep, nobody can afford to make exceptions. Often, sales professionals will encourage tall people to buy California King beds. But who wants to take up all that floor space? And what if you are a student and are living in the dorms? If you have done your research, then you are well aware of the twin-sized extra long bed.  But this is not a standard size, and therefore custom-sized goods come with a steeper price tag. Selecting good quality extra long twin bedding without paying high prices for non-standard sizes, can be a real endeavor. But there are some great products out there that won’t eat into your wallet.

Keeping the Cost Down 

As stated, custom sizes will cost more than standard, run-of-the mill fits. The real challenge is to find the best value for your money. When it comes to bedding, you must stick to your demands of comfort, quality, and style. Nobody wants to sleep on something that feels like cardboard and looks like a 1980s nightmare just to save a few dollars. There are some great ways to keep the cost down while not sacrificing on comfort. In 2009 The New York Times went shopping for bedding with Macy’s former home-product developer, Julian Tomchin. What they reported was that anything beyond a 400 thread-count is generally “false advertising” and a waste of money; the reason being that the standard for counting is to add each vertical wrap while filling each horizontal thread per square inch. The most that normally fits is 400, after which the threads get thinner and weaker. Keeping this in mind, selecting a 300 thread-count sheet over a 400 offers additional savings, while hovering right around the industry standard of comfort and quality. Test the difference for yourself, and you will see that what stands between a 300 and a 400 thread-count is unnoticeable, yet saves big on dollars.

Another way of keeping the cost down is to buy a complete bedding set. Your bedding is not a tapas bar menu item where you can order things ala carte. Buying bedding pieces individually, especially if you are purchasing custom-sized sheets, will hike up the cost. The best bet is to get a bundled package. Besides, this way you are being consistent with quality, brand, and color.

Some Other Considerations 

When finding a company that offers the bedding products that meet your needs, there are some things you will want to take into consideration before investing your money. For starters, price. When a retailer is offering a product from a niche market, often they will really fight hard to offer the best prices to stay ahead of the competition. Check to see if the company has a low-price guarantee, and what that guarantee entails. When a company offers to match competitor’s prices, it is all fine and good, but when they offer an additional percentage off the potential lower price, it goes to show their confidence in their pricing promise.

Also, when buying custom items that you will need throughout your life (like bedding) consider the company as being THE place where you will continue to do business. See how many colors and styles they offer to meet with their customer’s varying and ever-changing needs.

Sleep Well Knowing You Saved 

Now that you have been armed with this information, don’t let your height give you the impression that steep prices in bedding are all part of the territory. You can afford to sprawl out on reasonably priced, comfortable bedding, and in style. Check out the competition, make your selection, and feel confident in your purchase decision.