3 Annoying iPhone X Issues and Tips to Fix Them!

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Are you upset because your iPhone X has been acting up recently? Well two years back when you purchased the phone it was running as smooth as a silk, but recently have you faced issued like a weak battery, unresponsive screens etc.

Well, if you have you aren’t alone! Lots of users complain of the above issues and more! Now, while these are nothing major it can make your phone lose its aesthetic appeal. However, fret not this does not mean it cannot be fixed! Many users today opt for buying bulk iPhone parts wholesale for elongating the life of their phones.

However, even though it is wise to stack up a few iPhone parts, often few bugs or issues can be fixed with a few tips. So, this blog today will elucidate a few tips to help you fix certain annoying iPhone glitches that can boost the health of your device.

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  1. Activation Issue with iPhone X

One of the most common issues listed by iPhone users is activating their handset. Apple reported that this was due to increased pressure on Apple’s server. Turns out that numerous people tried to activate the phone simultaneously.

This issue thankfully now is resolved. In case it isn’t it can be because of the phone’s software or hardware. Thus, it is best to get the phone checked by a registered Apple operator. The issue might be because of poor battery life and in that case, it is best to invest in spare iPhone parts from a genuine seller.

  1. Face ID Stops

Often iPhone X users freak out when their Face ID stops working. That is naturally a cause of concern. Why? Because the iPhone Face ID is very delicate and it can get damaged due to external causes. For example, dropping the phone can tamper with FACE ID.

However, your phone appeared scratch-free? Well, even in that case, your FACE ID can be compromised. So, it is best to get this checked at the service station. Then if required purchase a few spare parts or a screen to improve the life of your iPhone X.

  1. Display Shows Green Lines

Few iPhone users in the States and beyond often complain of green lines turning up on their 5.8 iPhone X display. This is a red flag and indicates something going wrong with the phone. It is best to take this to a service centre nearby as this cannot be fixed with a simple software update.

Well, that concludes the list of common issues faced by iPhone X users. So, if you find yourself in any of the following situations simply use the above tips, or go to a service centre to fix your device. For safety, remember it is best to buy few iPhone repair parts wholesale USA. This will aid you in stretching your device’s life longer.

Just ensure to invest in a reputed company or pick trustworthy sellers for your phone parts. Good luck!