Reasons the Modern Millennial Needs to Maintain a Journal

embossed black leather journal with bead tie

The digital world has become increasingly paperless. People are so engrossed in technology, memes, and the online community that they hardly have time for themselves.

Seldom do people give themselves, ‘me time’. This is one of the core reasons why the generation today is so depressed. A human being to grow needs to retrospect on events, analyze himself/herself well, find out why he/she is acting a certain way and much more.

Often when a person does not give themselves ‘me time’ and relies solely on social media to make them happy, he/she faces an existential crisis. This leads to a person honing inside pent up toxicity and depressive tendencies that reflect badly on his/her personality.

Eminent physiologists, thus suggest keeping a journal to spend more time with oneself. In fact, in this world of façade, owning an embossed black leather journal with bead tie might have many hidden perks.

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  1. Recall Important Events

You graduated, your crush proposed, your family witnessed a funny incident the list is endless. Often, there are some memories and situations in life that are out of the ordinary. These can be special or might bring a tear to your face. Either way, it is best to recollect these events in a journal.


Well, firstly these are part of your growth. How you feel about a particular incident at present might be completely different 6 months after. So, maintaining a journal might help you understand how you changed over time. Secondly, if there was say, a criminal instance that you took note of.

For example, you might have noticed a colleague harassing you and you jot down certain details. Later, in case there are any casualties you can use your documented statements as proofs.

  1. Better Expression of Oneself

There’s a popular saying that state writing out your emotions help express these properly later in life. So, if you wish to express yourself better, the best option is maintaining a journal. Additionally, a journal is especially needed if you suffer from anxiety or depression.

For example, let’s assume you’re under a panic attack and cannot seem to calm down. Then as per numerous psychological blogs, the best option is to write down your emotions. These might help you find out the reason behind your anxiety, and can even help your doctor in case, you’re ongoing therapy.

Additionally, it has been proved that whether it is anger or fear, writing helps to stabilize emotions and open up pathways for better self-expression.

  1. Thoughts Exploration

One of the prime reasons to invest in that embossed black leather journal with bead tie is that your selected journal will let you explore your thoughts. As human beings, you might come across one-too many thoughts that might seem hard to comprehend.

Jotting these thoughts down for retrospection is one of the best ways to understand and explore your mind. You can find out more about yourself, your personality likes and dislikes with acute perception.

Further, maintaining a journal helps spend quality ‘me time’ and aids in battling self-doubt and depressive spells.

Thus, in case you feel disconnected with yourself, start writing a journal to get your thoughts in order. Good luck!