3 Last Minute Summer Date Ideas

Before you know it the weather will be cooling down and we’ll all be swapping our shorts and tank tops for jeans, boots and sweaters. Summer is in full swing, but it won’t last forever, so time is running out to squeeze in some last minute summer date ideas. If you haven’t fully taken advantage of all that summer has to offer when it comes to dating, grab a guy or girl you can’t stop thinking about and head out on one of these last minute summer date ideas.

A day by the water. Any body of water will do, whether it’s the beach, a lake or a kiddie pool you’ve inflated in your backyard. Set the scene with tropical drinks (yes, with umbrellas!) and laid back music. Bring along a casual picnic and simply hang out and enjoy the view…of each other. There is something about lounging around by the water in the hot sun that is so quintessentially summer and what better way to enjoy it than with someone you are interested in. When you get too hot, take a dip-skinny or not!
Play tourist. In your own city. Summer time is when most people take their big vacations, but if you aren’t ready to travel the world together yet on a date, the next best thing is to play tourist in your own city. Pretend like it’s your very own summer vacation, and you’re checking out your surroundings for the first time with fresh eyes. Where is someplace you’ve always wanted to go, or a restaurant you’ve heard has good reviews? Look up popular vacation destinations right under your nose! Take time to explore the places you ignore during your regular busy life. You don’t have to travel far for a new experience and memories to share with each other.
Keep it simple. The best thing about dating in the summer is the little things-the warm weather that lasts well into the evening, walking along the beach holding hands, or sitting outside eating an ice cream cone and sharing stories. These are the things that make summer so special. Go for a long walk at sunset or leash up your dogs for a long hike with a guy you have a crush on. Getting out in nature where there are no distractions is an easy, and sexy, way to bond with your date. Above all though, relax! Summertime is all about being mellow, relaxed and going with the flow!
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