3 Up-And-Coming Australian Musicians To Check Out

Before Belgian-Australian singer Gotye conquered the airwaves in 2011 with his break-up anthem “Somebody that I Used to Know,” listeners weren’t that attuned to the flourishing music scene of the Land Down Under. Although rock band AC/DC gained international fame in the 70’s and singer Kylie Minogue in the late 90’s, the changing attitude of the audience has made it tough for Australian acts to follow in the footsteps of those music legends.

But now that the musical talent is thriving more than ever in Australia, ignoring them would simply be impossible. So better put your headphones on and update your playlist because these three up-and-coming Australian artists are guaranteed to turn the volume up.

1. Matt Corby
With his enchanting vocals and delightfully melodic songs, singer-songwriter Matt Corby continues to captivate the hearts of his listeners. Matt has come a long way from transitioning as the pretty boy singer of Australian Idol’s 7th season to becoming the soulful crooner that he is today.
At 21, Matt has already released four extended plays that have established his music as indie-style, often being compared to that of Nick Drake’s and Jeff Buckley’s. He was named as the “Next Big Thing” by FBi Radio’s annual SMAC Awards and his single “Brother” as the “Song of the Year” in January 2012. And with his debut album set to be released later this year, there is no doubt that Matt Corby’s star is surely on the rise.

2. Architecture in Helsinki
Architecture in Helsinki is not exactly a newbie in the industry, having made music since 2000 and toured throughout Australia, U.S.A., and Europe. But they are definitely one of Australia’s idiosyncratic acts that deserve international following. Their musical arsenal is not limited to the typical bass, drums, and guitar instruments, but includes tuba, clarinet, and glockenspiel, among others.

If there is one thing that this Australian indie pop band consistently does, that’s to keep surprising their listeners with their sound. With four experimental studio albums, one remix album, and countless extended plays under their belt, Architecture in Helsinki still shows fierce resistance in being tied to one genre or category. So if you want music that blends electronic, indie, and pop energies with whimsical lyricism, reach for your music player and let Architecture in Helsinki take you on a wild journey.

3. San Cisco
Hailing from Fremantle, Western Australia, San Cisco is a fresh face in the Australian indie pop scene. But this newcomer that just formed in 2009 is already on the cusp of making it big on the airwaves with their hit single “Awkward” coming in at the 7th spot of Triple J’s Hottest 100. With their infectious beat and witty lyricism, San Cisco’s sound is described as “rough low-fi garage energy.”
Their first extended play Golden Revolver has propelled their popularity, leading them to play in various festivals such as the Pyramid Rock Festival, Fuse Festival, and the Peats Ridge Festival. Now that they’re with Albert Productions, the record label handling major Australian musicians AC/DC and Megan Washington, San Cisco is certainly on their way to the top.

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