4 Steps To Building A Better Profile and Gain More Followers

Start Achieving Your Business Goal by Increasing Your Instagram Followers

If you are an established brand or just starting out on Instagram, it is really important to update your goals and reexamine your strategy. Consider running an audit for your Instagram profile because it ensures you that your account is more aligned with your goals and you are putting the efforts in the right way. More than that, it helps you to build a better Instagram profile that leads to grow your account with buying followers. Here, you can discover the 4 steps to build a good profile. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Content and Aesthetic:

If you want to gain more followers on Instagram, all you need to be consistent and post engaging content. But don’t post the same type of content over and over again in the name of consistency. Consistency means create a consistent style and tell a clear story of your side to your followers. However, it also depends on your niche and brand. You could highlight one color or several similar colors to make your profile unique and appealing. Whatever you decide, make sure to be consistent in order to get desired results.

Community and Followers:

If you want to grow your account then the best way to achieve the same is to engage with your community. Let the followers and your potential audience feel like you care about them. Strike up the conversation with them to give them feel they are being listened to. Try to respond to the comments of your followers and leave comments on the other posts.


Hashtags deserve the attention because they make your post most searchable on the result page. More than that, it helps you to grow your following count with buying Instagram followers. With the new algorithm of Instagram, hashtags help you to get in front of more eyes. You need to start with some questions when it comes to auditing your Instagram profile:

  1. Are you choosing the right hashtags that match with the theme of your brand and fit your target audience?
  2. Did you develop your own branded hashtags that you use with your content consistently?
  3. Are you choosing the hashtags that are broader than your niche?
  4. Do you select niche-specific hashtags?

Use the right hashtags for your brand and make sure that your posts are actually searchable and not buried in the sea of popular hashtags like #love #travel #instagood etc.

Branding and Voice

When a potential follower lands on your profile, your profile bio give him/her a clear idea of what you do and who you are. So, make your that every touchpoint on your profile should be on board from your handle to profile bio. Consider using the same handle across all your social profile because it makes your profile more discoverable. If your Facebook followers know you by a name but you use another name on Instagram, you could be losing out on your potential followers. Good branding helps you to get a number of new followers. You can also buy followers to skyrocket your following count.