5 Travel Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make in Colombo

Travel Mistakes You Don't Want To Make in Colombo

As you fly over the crystal blue expanse of the Indian Ocean and feel your aircraft’s wheels touch the runway at Bandaranaike Airport in Colombo, you feel ready to start your Sri Lankan adventure! Along with the excitement of exploring a new place, one should be just  as wary, especially when the destination is unexplored for you. Mistakes and blunders during travel are extremely common.

However, some of them can be grave enough to ruin your entire vacation. So, as you step out onto the land and gear up to head into the city of Colombo, keep an eye for the following so that your trip is as smooth as possible:

1. Not knowing your ride from the airport

Going with the flow is something many people try to live by when they are travelling, but avoid the spontaneity with your first ride out of the airport. Look up and arrange for a ride from the airport to your accommodation in Colombo Sri Lanka before anything. You can reach out to your hotel for assistance on the same. If you are staying at a Yoho Bed property in Colombo, they have you covered; they provide airport shuttle to their guests, so you know you are sorted even for the ride back to the airport.

2. Rushing to cover everything in one trip

Popular tourist attractions are peppered all over Colombo, so you may be tempted to cover them on your first trip to the city. The desire to see as many places as possible might take away the fun of exploring new cities and countries. Shortlist the important ones and stick to following the travel plan. There are many spots in the island other than Colombo that deserve your attention. Galle is another popular destination here; remember to block a day or two to stay at one of the hotels in Galle Sri Lanka.

3. Clicking photos all the time

While capturing every moment on film or on camera is the norm these days, but that doesn’t mean you will be able to truly live the moment. It is advisable to set your mobile and camera aside and soak in the surroundings to truly experience the Sri Lankan life!

4. Missing out on the local food

While there are many restaurants in Colombo serving international cuisines that cater to tourists, there is nothing more special than trying out the local food here. Sri Lanka is heaven for those who love a little heat in their food. Rice and curry combinations are simply brilliant. While the taste may vary from restaurant to restaurant, it is advised to eat out at the smaller restaurants, or locally known hotels. The scenic promenade of Galle Face Green is a host to some incredible street eats, so do not forget to head here!

5. Not get a local SIM

Since network on roaming is expensive, a local SIM card can be extremely handy especially since 3G connectivity is excellent in Sri Lanka. Even though your Yoho Bed accommodation will offer free WiFi, it’s better to have your own internet connectivity while you’re on the move. For less than 800 LKR, (<$8) you can easily get 4.5GB data that easily lasts two weeks.