4 Ways To Improve Your Emotional Intelligence Being New Leader

4 Ways To Improve Your Emotional Intelligence Being New Leader


As a new leader at jobs in Pakistan, you are very focused on learning your new role.  The trap I see new leaders falling into is being so focused on being personally successful, that they miss what is going on with the team as a whole.  Leadership success comes from your whole team being successful.  It’s not just you.  Are you paying attention to the moment at hand, or are you always thinking ahead?  Be self-aware.


Is your new role an exciting new challenge, or an unbelievable burden?  How you manage each situation teaches your team how to handle similar situations.  When a new project comes your way, if you overreact and stress out, your team will too.  If you take new projects in stride, your team will too.

 Social Awareness

How is your team doing?  As a new leader, it is your job to know.  And not just from a lack of people quitting.  Take the time to really get to know and acknowledge the emotions of others.  Listen carefully and see where you can be of a service to them.  Being socially aware makes being a leader much easier.

 Relationship Management

As you work on the above three, your relationship management will improve as well.  However, even though you are now in charge, you still need a network of peers, mentors, coaches, and so on to help you be better at what you do.  Seek out opportunities to connect with others and really foster those relationships.

 The leader I was working with who was ready to quit had lost focus and was feeling the weight of leadership on her shoulders.  Working with her we were able to help her understand what success looked like as a manager in her role.  She worked on having a change of perspective, and saw a boost in the performance of her team.  When she was more focused on the moment at hand, things didn’t seem as daunting and her team was more focused too.  We are still working on the other areas, but just starting with one or two clearly had an impact.

Working on the four areas of your Emotional Intelligence as a new leader will help your new team grow as well.   Imagine a more focused, ready to tackle anything, caring, and connected team.  It would be hard for them to fail, right at different jobs in Pakistan, even when they get out of your team towards better opportunities.