5 Beauty Treatments You Shouldn’t Try At Home

Women are always looking for good beauty treatments, from what to do with their hair to getting skin that looks great. Salons can be a bit expensive, so they try doing things at home themselves.

Things like a bad haircut, or an at home hair color job gone horribly wrong, are just a few examples of how doing it yourself at home can sometimes be a disaster waiting to happen. Here are some beauty treatments that women might be better off leaving to the professionals.

Hair Coloring
While a lot of women dye their hair at home with beautiful results, there are times when it is better to leave this one to the professionals. A do-it-yourself kit can sometimes leave you with a less than satisfactory hair color (such as a red turning out orange).

Professional hair colors and store colors aren’t the same, which means that if you want to drastically change your color, (like going from dark to light, or wanting to go red), you’d better not try this on your own. If you are planning on only changing your color by a few shades, you might get good results at home. If you’re wanting to change more than a few shades, or want highlights or gray coverage, a salon is your best option.

Getting your hair cut and styled is a beauty treatment women need often, yet is more complicated that sounds. Cutting your own hair is difficult at best as you can’t see what you are doing. Even if you’re a professional hair cutter, styling is tricky using only mirrors to work with.


While this one can be done at home, doing it yourself isn’t going to be any less painful than going to a salon or waxing center. And when it comes to eyebrows, it is too easy to pull off too much. Needing a lot of wax or this procedure getting messy is common and homes don’t have an easy set up for seamless waxing.

Manicures and Pedicures
When it comes to nails, beauty products abound like stars in the sky. Applying a different color of nail polish at home is a breeze. However, if you want something fancier, like acrylic nails for example, you’re better off getting your nails painted at the salon. Besides, unless you are ambidextrous, having someone else paint your nails will save you a world of trouble.

Chemical Peels
Chemical peels can be a bit dangerous if you try to do them yourself. Since it involves working with chemicals, being careful and staying safe is your mission. Don’t risk using chemicals yourself to save money at the salon – it isn’t worth it!

What beauty products have you tried at home and vowed never to do again?

Meg Jones works with a company that offers Brazilian waxing to its clientele.   Stop by and see safe alternatives to home beauty treatments.