New Trends In Carpet Flooring For 2012

These days, many homeowners are beginning home improvement projects to give their homes a new look and feel. There’s no denying that a splash of color and modest changes in furnishings can truly spice up an otherwise uninspiring living space. Among the popular choices for home improvement is new carpet flooring in an updated design suited to fit your lifestyle.
In times past, the basic, boring beige carpeting was the go-to choice for designers; generally, the idea was a neutral color would serve as a basic background for chic furniture and paintings. However, today’s designers have tossed away this thought process in favor of new textures, bold colors and carpet flooring that has moved from a mere background to the main focal point for the room’s design.

Some designs employ varying heights and bold color contrasts, giving the flooring its own signature. Much of the carpet flooring in today’s market utilizes neutral coloring as its background but sprinkles small flecks of color throughout the carpet. This designer trick helps to keep down the look of dirt and stains.
While most people focus only on the aesthetic when choosing new carpet, you have to also consider your lifestyle when you begin the process of selecting the new carpet. The top consideration, of course, is the amount of traffic in the given area you plan to re- carpet. For example, nylon flooring is more expensive than some other carpeting options; however, it is also softer and more resilient than other options, making it a great fiber selection for virtually any room of your house. Polyester carpet flooring, however, is less expensive and a bit tougher than its other carpeting counterparts. Because it’s more stain-resistant than other options, many homeowners select polyester for areas like the dining room, children’s playrooms or bedrooms. Olefin, another carpet fiber option readily available today, is dyed in a solution during the manufacturing process. As a result, its stain resistance is unmatched; this fiber can be easily cleaned with water or bleach, get this, without losing color. For families with small children or for very high-traffic areas, this is great news!
Always popular, Berber carpet flooring is a bit harder underfoot; it is, however, well-constructed and will not crush or matt. Though Berber is great for high-traffic areas and entryways, it is not a popular option for most bedrooms, simply because of the hard texture. If you own pets, you should also know that Berber carpeting can be easily ruined by pets with longer nails. Plush carpeting options offer better thermal insulation and better sound-proofing, especially for rooms your teens or tweens may occupy.
All in all, consider your style, as well as your lifestyle, when embarking on carpeting for your home improvement project.
Sally Dalmer is an interior designer with specific interests in home improvement and modern design.