5 Breathtaking Gardens You Won’t Want To Miss

You don’t have to be a horticulturist to appreciate the beauty and splendor of these five breathtaking gardens. The work that went into these gardens is awe inspiring. This list comes in no particular order because each one has something special to offer its visitors.

Versailles Gardens

The gardens of Versailles in France are the most famous gardens in the world. These were designed by Ander Le Notre for King Louis XIV. The gardens are quite formal and truly monumental. Apart from the well manicured gardens featuring different varieties of plants, Versailles Gardens features a number of well maintained fountains and inspiring sculptures.

 Keukenhof Gardens

The Netherlands is home to the Keukenhof Gardens, the world’s biggest bulb flower park. There are more than 100 varieties of tulips planted in 32 hectares of land. Apart from flowering plants, it is home to 87 varieties of trees, which number around 2,500. The Keukenhof Gardens also serves as an art museum of sorts where artists can have their works displayed amidst all the beauty and splendor of the gardens.

Nong Nooch Botanical Garden

When you visit Pattaya in Thailand, you cannot miss Nong Nooch Botanical Garden. The landscaping of this garden seems to have jumped out of a fairy-tale book. Initially intended as a fruit plantation, the owners decided to plant ornamental flowers and plants instead. Orchids take center stage in this Thai garden. This tropical garden is the site of Thai cultural shows featuring elephants and chimpanzees.

Butchart Gardens

Canada is home to Butchart Gardens. Each season, you can find something different in Butchart. Flower beds are abloom with colorful flora during the spring and summer months. During autumn and winter, you will find unique botanical treasures all around. Look for the birdhouses and statues found in the gardens.

Garden of Cosmic Speculation

If you want to see something that is totally out of this world, go to Scotland and visit the Garden of Cosmic Speculation. This is where Science and Math merge with nature. The displays are quite quirky and unusual. Where else can you find a huge metallic DNA helix, black holes, fractals or a mound shaped like a snail? A private garden, the Garden of Cosmic Speculation is only open for one day each year so make sure to plan your trip to Scotland around that special day.

If you can’t visit any of the gardens above, visit the botanical gardens in the places you plan to visit. Learn about the local flora and enjoy your time amidst Mother Nature’s living works of art.

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