5 Ideas to Keep Your Family Healthy and Sane During The Pandemic Lockdown

5 Ideas to Keep Your Family Healthy and Sane During The Pandemic Lockdown

The Covid-19 Pandemic has introduced the world population with a ‘’new normal’’. Approximately 3 billion people find themselves contained under ‘lockdown’, whereas the rest of the 4 billion people follow social distancing of some sort.

The drastic shift in lifestyle has compelled every household to adapt to the situations that came along with it. Where some families have managed to create an environment of a healthy and safe home, many have found it incredibly challenging to cope with the changes.  With some motivation and simple methods, it could be relatively easy to turn your home into a comfy space.

In the most difficult moments, it must be a primary concern to keep your home comfortable to make sure you and your loved ones are healthy and at peace. Here are 5 suggestions that could help you keep yourself and your family healthy and sane:

Maintain A Balanced Routine

Most of us have experienced working from home or no work at all for the majority of this year. This predicament has caused an imbalance in our daily routines and habits. The sleeping schedule has completely lost its pattern for many of us. To keep the physical and mental health in shape, no one can ignore the importance of a stable routine.

Make sure you are going to bed at a similar time every night and getting a good 7-9 hours of sleep. A good night’s sleep keeps the mind fresh and the body energetic and you will feel the change. Don’t skip any meals and start the day off with a nice breakfast.

Encourage your partner, siblings and your children to maintain a good sleeping and eating pattern too. Encourage them to exercise and move their muscles. Try your best to facilitate the environment to make it happen. Be there for each other. The world may be isolating but our family members don’t have to feel isolated.

Maintain Healthy Relationships and Communication

Disputes within families and communities have skyrocketed during the quarantine. It really should not be the case when we are compelled to stay inside the home. Our home and family should be a haven for our body and mind and vice versa. Everybody is struggling one way or another this year, whether it be mentally, physically, or financially so it is incredibly important to be close with our families.

One of the primary reasons for disputes between family members is miscommunication. Now is an excellent time to analyze our behavior and communication patterns. This will help us realize the ways we can improve the way we communicate. When we heal ourselves, we are also in a better position to heal everyone around us. It is also a good idea to analyze how our loved ones speak from a healthy perspective. The disputes can be easily avoided if there are respect and understanding.

Start Cooking More

The lockdown is a fantastic opportunity for all of us to brush up on our cooking skills and learn a few new dishes. Many of us have always wanted to learn some new cooking tricks but never found the time or the motivation to do it. Lockdown is a perfect time to start spending some time in the kitchen for all of us. It also presents us with some much needed healthy distraction.

Now is also a great time to involve the kids in the cooking sessions more. They might not quite get it now, but you will help them build the foundations for a very important life skill. So, look up some tasty recipes, gather some fun ingredients, and start experimenting in the kitchen with your family. It will make for some great bonding sessions and you will learn a lot about each other.

Improve Your Habits

Lockdown has undeniably allowed us to go inward and analyze our everyday habits. Embrace this opportunity and be kind to yourself. You will find that by looking at yourself closely, you will find a lot of ways to achieve the lifestyle you always wanted.

It is sometimes necessary to embrace some changes to facilitate better things in life. There is an increasing pattern in regular smokers to give up or significantly reduce their smoking habits during this lockdown period. Regular marijuana smokers have reported being able to make their smoking habits healthier and time more productive. Incorporating cannabis into a healthy lifestyle is easier than perceived.

This lockdown is also a good opportunity to find the right practice for you to detox your body from toxins by exercising, practicing yoga, cycling, or kickboxing. The method you choose depends on your preferences. Some people may be comfortable with sweating out the toxins in a sauna where some people give Champ detox drink tips to be a refreshing alternative.

Utilize the time to acknowledge the habits that are letting you down. Be strong for yourself and your family.

Maintain Your Hobbies

Hobbies are incredibly important for mental peace. It helps us escape harsh realities and dive into the world of our dreams. So, don’t ever let go of your hobbies. Now is the time to embrace and keep practicing them more than ever.

When we feel the most isolated, the things we love doing keep us company. Encourage your isolated family member to spend some time doing the things they love. Educate your kids about healthy ways to maintain hobbies and introduce them to something they might fall in love with.

Hobbies are art, and art is what keeps the earth tolerable when everything else fails.

Final Words

2020 has been hard on all of us. We don’t have to be hard on each other. Especially our families. Make an effort to spend some time with your loved ones. When the darkness is trying its hardest to surround us, only the love in our hearts can illuminate theworld. It all begins with you.

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By Deanna M

Deanna Minich is a functional medicine-trained clinician and researcher. She has an experience in medicine and willing to write and help people, also she is a part and a volunteer at Marijuana Detox. So, if you want to know the best how to detox your body and, feel free to contact her. Deanna is passionate about researching medical models to clinical medicine that combines physiology and psychology.