5 Reasons To Discover Secunda, South Africa


To many people, the name Secunda may not ring a much of a bell. However, did you know that this little town tucked away in the coalfields of the Mpumalanga province in South Africa has a lot that could tickle your fancy? Well, that will depend on how deep your adventurous spirit is. In this article, we will look at the 5 reasons why we should discover this town and place it better on the tourism map beyond its more recognition as an oil extraction refinery.

A Day Out At The Secunda Stadium

There are very few stadiums in the world that can host a collection of events at one time and the Secunda Stadium is one among the few and the first reason as to why we should discover this town. Whether you are a sporting fanatic or a cultural event lover and wish to treat you or your family to a day out, consider this stadium in your list of priorities. It is located about 2.1 km from the ton center and while you are at it, take advantage of the hotel facilities located near the stadium for an unforgettable dining experience.

The Lake Umuzi Water Front

Just like the stadium, the lake features a wide array of activities for all age groups. There is the Carnival Square equipped with modern gaming facilities as well as a play area designated for toddlers and early primary school kids. Perhaps what makes this spot one of the most admirable sites in Secunda is the fact that it is extremely safe and parents do not have to worry about the safety of their kids even as they play. With a host of restaurants, pool tables, an AquaZone Park and ten pin bowling, this is the best spot for an ideal family vacation.

Gamble Some More!

The Graceland Casino and Gholf Course promises a gambling experience like no other. With a casino that operates 24 hours a day, there can never be a better way of making Secunda nights come alive. Experience a wonderful dining as you play your favorite slot games within the casino, thanks to the restaurants with which it shares the complex. There are lounges too and what’s more – the 18-hole Gary Player-designed golf course will ensure your sunny mornings are spent in a worthwhile manner. Kids are not left behind either, thanks to The Magic Company that offers entertainment for them.

Time To Go Shopping!

If you are a shopaholic, do not fret as Secunda has got you covered, thanks to the modern and well-equipped Secunda Mall. The mall boasts of a variety of stores, boutiques, restaurants etc all under one roof. The mall features more than 90 stores so you can be sure everything you can ever want in this town is availed by this grand mall. There is limitless fun and entertainment even as you go about your shopping or dining and the parking bay is ample for long-duration shoppers, not to mention restrooms designed with the physically disabled in mind.

Dance Your Hut Off!

Ideally, you have not been to Secunda if you have not had an opportunity to witness the Secunda Spring PARTY. This is an annual event that takes place in Spring and is characterized by exhilarating music by Skomplaas Entertainment and Mastertainment Events. You may never understand more about this event as participants would rather keep everything under wraps. Therefore, if you want to unveil the mystery behind it, you may as well ensure you be there this Spring.

John Wise was inspired by Travel Games Book.