5 Reasons Why Synthetic Grass Is Better Than Real Grass

Artificial grass is often treated warily by the consumer, who cannot understand how a fake alternative can possibly be better than the real thing. In today’s world however, there are many reasons why it could be better, not only for the consumer, but also for the environment, to kit out your lawn with artificial turf.

The first issue most people come up against is the price. It can seem pretty costly to cover your garden with synthetic grass, especially when you have a perfectly good lawn there already. When thinking about the initial layout though, many do not factor in the long term costs of keeping a grass lawn. On top of the price of grass seeds themselves, people spend a large amount of money year on year just to maintain the small green space behind their house.

Lawn Maintenance
Lawnmower purchase, maintenance and running costs, sprinkler systems and weed-killer all add up. Artificial grass has been proven to pay for itself after no more than two or three years, and has a guaranteed life-span of at least fifteen years. The average consumer could save a few thousand pounds within this time frame.

The ecosystem impact is another widely talked about factor. Most people instantly assume that real grass is better for the environment than the fake alternative. What they don’t always consider are the harmful effects putting weed-killer into the environment has, or the fact that running a petrol or electric lawnmower every week for half the year burns up natural resources. Water, especially in hosepipes and sprinklers, gets wasted by the gallon each and every summer so we can keep our gardens looking fresh. Artificial grass is made from recycled waste products and requires no looking after.

Advantage Sports
Astro turf, or rather the new version, FieldTurf, is now proven to be a superior surface for playing most sports. It is far smoother than real grass, and much more durable. Pitches don’t wear out due to being over-played, and games never have to be called off due to bad weather that affects the state of the ground.
Synthetic grass is much easier to look after than real turf. In fact, it’s not just low maintenance – once it has been laid, there is actually nothing more you need ever do to it other than enjoy it. No more mowing, trimming or weeding; just garden parties in a beautiful green space whenever you feel like it.
All Weather Surface
It is also a great year-round surface. Many people spend a whole lot of time, money and effort maintaining their gardens, when in actuality they are only really accessible for a few months of the year. Synthetic grass doesn’t get churned up and muddy, drains water quickly and can be used all year round.
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