5 Useful Business Phone Features That Telemarketers Take For Granted

If you’ve been a telemarketer for some time now, you may be so accustomed to the features of your phone that you might be taking them for granted. You might want to get re-acquainted with some of these important features so that you may be able to use them to their full advantage.

1.Management Dashboard
The dashboard allows you access to a range of important information that you can use before, during and after a call. Different brands have different features. One example is the ability to call your supervisor for assistance. This is especially helpful when you encounter a difficult client. Not having this feature on your call management dashboard can mean losing a customer or worse, your job.
2.Order Entry
Have you ever thought how much this feature makes your life easier? With an automated receptionist, your clients are automatically routed to the correct agent. Imagine if you had a fuming mad client on the other side and you don’t know a thing she’s talking about? Being able to choose exactly what your clients need from a list of services at the start of a phone call allows a smooth, efficient and productive call.
3.Call Recording
This feature can save your job. Recorded calls hold a ton of information that you may find useful once a customer dispute arises. You can go back and listen to a call and find out exactly what happened. This feature protects both consumer and company alike.
Sure you’ve been doing this for a long time now. But sometimes, especially when we’re not in tip top shape, we tend to forget important things. Scripts guide you through a conversation and remind you of important things that you should say or ask. It’s imperative that you keep a script handy for occasions like these.
A phone’s reporting feature is not only for supervisors. It helps an agent track his productivity, hours spent on one call and track which calls are successful. Knowing exactly what you did, how long you did it and how much success you’ve had with your customers can help you improve yourself. This information is also handy when you ask for a promotion.
If you are just starting in the field it is worth spending a little time looking to the top seller in the team to take note of what they are doing correctly. Just small changes in the way of working can improve efficiency, for instance not hanging up the phone in between calls can save time allowing for more sales to be made. Many telemarketers rely on hitting their targets to get a top salary. It is vitally important to use your phone to its fullest potential to ensure these targets are met.
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