How To Teach Children To Clean Their Rooms

Starting young is always the best when it comes to teaching kids on how to do stuff. That includes cleaning the room. Instilling the habit of cleaning to a child at a very young age will spare you of headaches when he or she becomes a teenager. Here are a few ways to kick-start your kid’s cleaning habit.

1.Don’t give them too much space
A little boy or girl doesn’t need a large room. They’re too tiny, their clothes are tiny and you sure don’t want to get them big furniture. Set a space for them that they can easily clean on their own.
2.Don’t give them too much stuff
They already have a small room. Don’t fill it up with toys, stuffed animals, books, etc. A kid needs a lot of entertainment and educational things to keep him busy but it doesn’t mean that his room should look like a toy store.
3.Teach them where to start
The first thing that they need to learn to tidy up is their bed. Simple pillow arrangements and some folding are appropriate for very young kids. This is something that they can do without your help.
4.Give them a schedule
If they can’t do everything in one go, post a schedule in their room as to what areas to clean on a certain day. Cleaning a whole room in one day may be overwhelming to a child.
5.Allow them to decorate
Give them the freedom to decorate their own room. Make a compromise. Tell them that they can decide on the room’s décor if they can keep it clean.
6.Give them tools
Invest in storage bins, drawers, boxes, etc. to help your kids keep their room organized. Label them for each use – toys, books, clothes, shoes, etc. Be sure that nothing is left on the floor. If there are no longer storage units available for some stuff, donate them to charity. That means they already have enough.
Tell them where the cleaning aids are that they can use such as a broom or rags. Be sure to keep chemicals in higher places, out of their reach. Teach them that they should not touch these bottles because it can harm them. They will have plenty of time to use these when they get older anyway.
If your children share rooms, assign spaces for them to clean. Label boxes with their names so they know where to keep their toys.
8.Ask for help
There are some things that children can’t do such as vacuuming or changing the sheets. Tell them it’s okay to ask for help from you. Schedule a “Mom and Me Cleaning Day” and do all the chores that need your supervision on this day.
You don’t have to do everything yourself to be super mom. Teaching them the value of cleaning already makes you one.
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