5 Ways To Prevent Skin Cancer

There are thousands of people who are diagnosed with skin cancer each year. Unfortunately, there are a large majority of people who could have prevented this from happening. While some people will develop this cancer because of genetics, other people develop it because they don’t play it safe. There are some simple things that can be done by each person to prevent skin cancer from happening to them.

1. Always Wear Sunscreen

Not enough people wear sunscreen on a daily basis. This is something that should be worn anytime you are outside, not just when you are going to the beach. When it comes to daily wear, consider using a lotion or makeup that has SPF inside of it. This is light on the skin and will protect it from harmful UV rays.

If you are going tanning, wear sunscreen! This will still result in a tan; it will just block a large majority of cancer-causing rays from hitting you. Make sure you are wearing a high enough SPF as well, or else you won’t be as protected as you should be. Cover all areas of your body that are going to be exposed, don’t skimp on using the sunscreen.

2. Wear a Hat

Since you can’t put sunscreen on your head, wear a hat. This is going to protect the top of your head as well as your face from the sun. There are a lot of different hats out there you can wear, so go explore your options. You should wear one of these whenever you are out in the sun, especially when it’s at peak hours in the afternoon.

3. Don’t Tan

Everyone wants a nice glow throughout the year, but tanning is extremely dangerous. Laying outside or in a tanning bed are both options that include UV rays. Repeated exposure will ruin your skin and increase your chances for developing skin cancer. If you want a bronzed glow you aren’t out of options.

Try doing a spray tan if you want to have nice looking skin. This is not dangerous and looks just as good as a regular tan. You can also try self-tanning lotions, which are cheap and easy to use. Another option is to use UV free tanning beds. These do cost more, but they are well worth it for your health.

4. Wear Proper Clothing

If you are going outside, cover yourself up. Wear a lightweight long-sleeved shirt that is white or light in color. If you want to wear shorts, wear something that is tan or light as well. Wearing dark colors will draw the sun in close to you and can result in burning more easily. Silk and polyester are both materials to wear as well.

5. Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses protect the eyes from UV rays, so they are important. The glasses should wrap around your face so all areas around your eyes are protected. Look for shades that block 99% of UV rays and that pass ANSI requirements.

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