The BBC Olympic Coverage From The TV To Your Mobile

The 2012 London Olympics is set to have record breaking coverage and distribution, a total of over 2,500 hours of footage will be broadcast, streamed, logged and archived. In order to get the most out of all this footage the BBC have expanded into new platforms to reach as many eyes as possible, here’s why you have no excuse to miss any of the games…

BBC Sports Facebook App  
Certainly the BBC’s first endeavor into social media came in the form of the BBC Sports Live streaming Facebook app. An effort targeted at the younger viewers, the “social” integration of the app means that users can enjoy the big sporting moments whilst chatting amongst each other and discussing the action. The trial for this app was during Wimbledon where it offered coverage of all six courts, the Olympics will of-course have a wider range and more importantly a wider verity of feeds. Being on Facebook we have the typical traits of the “like” button and the ability to invite and share amongst friends. This is most likely to appeal to the casual viewer and the social media indulged youth, or even for anyone who is tied to a computer be it for routine or work, missing any of the games is no longer a worry.

The Connected Red Button
We are all familiar with the Red Button especially during international sports like the Olympics, but the appropriately named Connected Red Button will “connect” your TV and all of the features from broadcast television directly to your mobile or tablet device. This enables for a new dynamic of viewing, you can do the watching part on your TV whilst doing the interaction with your iPhone, that doesn’t just mean to say that your mobile becomes the remote control, but more of a information and communication device between you and whatever it is you are watching. You can sit and watch your favorite sport whilst browsing the athletes statistics and venue details then when you feel like a change you can browse the other events (all still from the mobile) and send it to the TV, brilliant!

BBC Olympic Mobile App
This app allows users to stream live action from their mobile, 24hrs a day throughout the entire event, you really wont miss a thing, but if you do there are edited highlights for each event that can be streamed on demand. Also within the app is event and athlete statistics as well as a detailed Olympic Games Guide all of which are customizable to fit with your favorite sports. Currently available on iOS and Andiod with a Microsoft version in the making, without doubt this app will be top of the charts for at least the first week of the games.
Whilst most of us will probably watch the games the traditional way, via BBC1 and BBC2, for those who are computer tied or out and about every throw, dive and jump are still within reach, and with the interaction and communal viewing platforms the 2012 Olympic games will not only break records in the broadcasting industry but it will be accessible to just about anyone, anywhere, and to suit every viewers preference.

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