5 Ways to Turn a House into a Home

Moving into a new house can feel a little like being uprooted, especially if you’re moving from a beloved family home, but there are a few ways you can really settle yourself in to your new abode and make it feel like home.

Personalise Your Spaces

Decorating your house with personal items and memorabilia is an ideal first step to transforming a bare building into a cosy home. Fill your rooms with items that either express your tastes and personality or that hold special memories for you and your family.

Choose colours and themes that you find most attractive, adorn your walls and shelves with art, books and sculptures that you love, and choose furnishings that will make you enjoy each space most. Family photos and mementos from special moments are also ideal for use as homely décor.

Clear the Clutter

A messy house full of clutter will make your house feel more like a temporary residence than a home. Get rid of boxes as soon as you move in and make sure everything has a place; either on display or tucked away in a cupboard or drawer. Invest some time in sorting through your old items and get rid of anything unused – it can feel very liberating to get rid of things you no longer need.

DIY Projects

DIY decoration and renovation is a fantastic way to really customise your home and create spaces that are entirely unique to you. Not only will they be conceived and designed by you to serve your unique needs, but you’ll have also imbued your own style and character into your house.

Building your own house from the start is another way to make your home feel truly personal. Building with Coral Homes Australiacan mean you get to choose the home design that suits you and your family to a tee, so you’ll feel right at home from the moment you move in.

Spend Quality Time at Home

Turning a house into a home isn’t just about aesthetics and functionality, it’s about creating a connection with your home and building experiences and memories within its walls. Spend quality time with your family (or even just yourself) at home, making the most of the beautiful spaces you’ve created. Put aside time for family meals, games, movie nights – whatever your family enjoys.

Share Your House

Another way to create great memories in your home is to share your space with friends. Entertain often and invite friends and family members around to catch up. Sharing meals, laughs and special moments within your own house will make it truly feel like home.

Home is where the heart is, so if you put a little of your heart into the design, decoration and activities within your house, you’re sure to feel at home in no time.