6 Best Craft Beers In Charlotte

Craft beers are local beers brewed by mini-breweries. The scope of operation of these breweries are not as extensive as the mega-breweries which brews many well known brands. This is why craft beers are often known and enjoyed mostly in the locality, in which they are brewed. Charlotte offers a lot of choice to craft beer lovers. There are a lot of craft beer brands in Charlotte. These brands offer the rich tastes and delightful aroma, savor by craft beer lovers.

From this beer pool, 10 beers are ranked as the top 10 craft beers in Charlotte. Here is a list of 6 of our favorite craft beers anywhere in Charlotte.

Duck-Rabbit Porter

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The Duck-Rabbit Baltic Porter brewed by Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery came top on the list of the 10 best craft beers in Charlotte. This deep rich specially brewed beer with satisfying taste has about 9% alcoholic content. The beer was rated the best by 713 beer lovers, out of the total number interviewed. While another product of the Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery, the Duck-Rabbit Rabbid Duck Russian Imperial Stout,came second with 556 votes.

Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout

The number 3 position was snapped by the Foothills Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout brewed by Foothills Brewery. 484, out of the total number of craft beer lovers interviewed agreed that it was their favorite choice. This beer usually served in snifter is made from cocoa, dark toffee and dark fruit.

Wee Heavy Scotch Ale

The Wee Heavy Scotch Style Ale came fourth in the top 10 craft beers loved in Charlotte. This beer is another product from the stable of Duck Craft Brewery. While the Highland Tasgall Ale, brewed by Highland Brewing Company was the favorite of 291 people, out of the total number of interviewed. This enables this thistle served beer, made from barley, chocolate, malt and a high percentage of hop grabbed the number 5 position.

Foothills Double IPA

Foothills Seeing Double IPA, also from the stable of Foothills Brewery claim the 6th position. This beer, served in snifter and tulip, will truly make a person sees double, as implied in the name. The beer is made from a variety of seven different hops together with citrus, making it a tasty and powerful drink.

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Pisgah Vortex II

Pisgah Vortex II, which is the first in the vortex series to be bottled, took the 7th position in the survey. While the Foothills/Duck-Rabbits/Olde Foothills Hickory Olde Rabbits’ Foot snatched the number 8 position. The name of this beer was coined from three craft breweries in North Carolina, namely; Foothills Brewery, Duck-Rabbit Brewery and Olde Hickory Brewery. The earlier version of this beer was made by the Olde Hickory Brewery. Presently, the Foothills Brewery has taken over the production of this beer.

Pisgah Valdez

The Pisgah Valdez, brewed by the Pisgah Company and the Bourbon Barrel Milk Stout from the stable of Duck-Rabbit Brewery, were favorites of 151 people interviewed. Therefore both of them emerged at the 9th and 10th position respectively.

There are other craft beers available in Charlotte. These beers are some of our favorites though so the next time you are looking for a great craft beer, try one of these. 

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