6 Of The Most Expensive Medical Procedures

You are probably aware of the outrageous costs of surgery in the United States. Most medical procedures are costly, and even a simple trip to the doctor’s office has been rising. Have you ever wondered which procedures have higher price tags? Here are the top six most expensive medical procedures.

Liver Transplant

The liver is a vital organ and the cost of having a transplant for one is over $577,000. The body needs the liver to aid in the digestion, help with blood clotting, and a host of other essential functions. This serious operation is life threatening and requires a specialist. A surgeon that can do this procedure demands top dollar. This transplant is known to have extensive recovery time, require plenty of medications, and recurring appointments with specialists.

Bone Marrow Transplant

There are two ways to do a bone marrow transplant. The stem cells can be removed from the body and frozen, which is known as the autologous method. Additionally, after the person is treated for the illness that damaged the cells, the cells are put back into the body to help regenerate new ones. The cost of this operation is around $300,000.

Lung Transplant

People with lung disease that have less than two years left to live may elect to have a lung transplant. When medications and breathing devices are not helping anymore, this is a viable option. The surgery itself is quite expensive, but a donor must be found and a breathing machine used to keep the patient alive. A single lung transplant is around $561,000 and a double will run close to $800,000.

Heart Transplant

Though it is not commonly talked about, the heart can be transplanted like any other organ. This procedure is so costly because the dying heart is removed and a new living heart must be grafted into the body. While this is not a cure for conditions like heart disease, those with a transplant of this nature can live another 15 years or so. The recovery is extensive and the rehabilitation period lengthy. There is a high risk of infection and the cost of immunosuppressant drugs is astronomical. The average price of a heart transplant is around. $998,000.

Heart-Lung Transplant

Though only 100 of these operations are done annually, the heart and lung transplant is complex. A person must be under 55 and in good health to even be considered. The dying heart and lungs are extracted from the body. The person must be connected to a machine that breaths and circulates the blood. It is a very risky surgery that has an 85 percent success rate.

Intestines Transplant

Transplanting an intestine segment is usually done in combination with a liver transplant. Since it is the largest organ in the body, it is no surprise that it is the costliest surgery of all. According to the Law Office of Nancy Cavey, if you need an intestinal transplant, be ready to shell out more than $1,200,000 for the procedure.

While these are extreme surgical procedures, there are many routine surgeries that are also costly. Open-heart surgery has a price tag of around $324,000 and gastric bypass surgery has an associated cost of about $30,000. Surgeries are essential, but there is always the risk of complications due to human error. It is best to be prepared with the consequences as well as to know the cost of anything being done to you.